A wise mother should consult the diet of Japanese children

Japan is known as the country with the lowest rate of obesity in children in the world. To achieve that depends a lot on a healthy diet combined with daily physical activity for children. This is also what we should learn when caring for children.

For your baby to develop healthily and enhance intelligence, the mother needs to pay attention to the diet combined with daily physical activities. This is also a critical point in the menu of children in Japan. Besides, there are many exciting things Vietnamese mothers should apply from the diet of children in Japan

A diet with lots of plant-based foods:

Part of it is a well-prepared diet for parents. Children in Japan are fed plenty of plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and fish rich in omega 3. At the same time, they consume less processed foods high in sugar. And salt.

Children in the land of the rising sun are also encouraged to try new foods. This will stimulate children to have more fun at meals, reduce boredom and pressure with lazy children to eat.

Fish is the best source of nutrition for Japanese children:

Fish is considered a favorite dish of Japanese people, especially sea fish such as mackerel, salmon, tuna … Because sea fish contains a lot of DHA – an unsaturated fatty acid that plays a vital role in the process.

Development of brain and nerve cells, lack of this human being will reduce memory and less intelligence, especially young children. That is also the reason why Japanese people add fish regularly to their meals. This secret has helped them successfully nurture healthy and intelligent children.

Servings are broken down:

Japanese parents always have small meals and snacks for their children with the right amount and frequency. Children in Japan will be able to eat healthy snacks such as fruits, fruits, and yogurt.


The ration of the baby is tiny, just in the pretty plate. Children are also encouraged to take their food as they like, with each dish being a small portion.

The rules are set in family meals:

Japanese families also encourage family meals to create a warm and delicious feeling. This helps a lot for the development of the child’s brain. In Japan, parents do not manage and force their children to overeat. They establish rules, guidelines for children to follow, listen to their questions, and reasonably explain them.

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