What is the real meaning of the christmas tree? You may not believe it

Every year, around the middle of December, not only people around the world but also in Vietnam eagerly celebrate Christmas. This is a chance to reunite with family, let people gather together to say affection, express interest in loved ones and give each other meaningful gifts. All family members will clean, decorate the house to prepare for Christmas and Christmas trees are indispensable items on this occasion.

But have you ever wondered: Why at Christmas there must be a Christmas tree? What is the origin and meaning of the Christmas tree?

I am sure that: not only you but a lot of people do not know this and of course will ask Google to answer right?

This article is one of those answers!

What is the real meaning of the christmas tree? You may not believe it
What is the real meaning of the christmas tree? You may not believe it

The origin of the Christmas tree

Just like Asian countries often use peach, apricot, kumquat tree … to decorate and make symbols when the New Year comes, in Western countries the Christmas tree is indispensable. In recent years, Vietnamese people are not only Christian families, but almost everyone is extremely interested in Christmas and uses Christmas trees to decorate their houses and pray for peace.

There are many stories about the origin of Christmas trees at Christmas. I would like to share some legends to explain its origin.

Legend No. 1

Around the 8th century, an English monk on his pilgrimage accidentally came across a group of people who did not worship God, who was catching a child for a scapegoat, around a large oak tree. Immediately, the priest used his fists to knock down the oak tree to stop the sacrifice and save the baby. Then at this site sprouted a small pine tree and he told the crowd, “That pine symbolizes the life and eternal life of God.” Since then, every Christmas tree is the object placed by people in the house with the above meaning.

Another story related to this monk, when he went to Germany to spread Christianity, he gave the city of Geismer a pine tree symbolizing love. After the German people accepted Christianity, they chose the pine tree as a Christmas tree to thank the monk.

They bring Christmas trees inside and decorate them for Christmas. In the deserted areas without trees, people create pyramid objects from wood and decorate it with green branches and candles. By the 16th century, the custom of placing Christmas trees during Christmas became very popular in European countries.

In the United States, the custom of putting pine trees indoors at Christmas has its roots in immigrant Germans.

Legend No. 2

Martin Luther is a German theologian and religious reformer. Around 1500, on Christmas Eve he walked through a forest when he saw a small pine tree. On the branch now covered with white snow, the moonlight shines on the pine tree, creating a shimmering, fanciful scenery.

When he returned home he told the image to the children and he put a pine in his house. To recreate the scene he met in the forest, he hung candles on the pine branches and lit them on Christmas Day. He explained that the year-round greenery of the pine tree symbolizes the eternal God and the sparkling candles on the branches of the pine tree symbolize the light of God bringing to humanity.

God bringing to humanity

Legend No. 3

On a Christmas night, there was a lost boy, he was very tired and hungry because there was no food. Many passersby saw him but no one showed interest because they were busy coming home for Christmas Eve. At this time, a poor woodcutter was also on his way home when he saw the situation in which the boy had stopped and helped. Although the woodcutter is also very poor, he still spends his meager food to help him overcome his hunger.

By the next morning when he woke up, the woodcutter saw a beautiful and magnificent tree in his doorstep, something he had never had enough to buy in his whole life. It turned out that the boy he helped the night before was God disguised to try people. The pine tree is a gift from God for woodcutter who is poor but full of kindness. Since then, the pine tree symbolizes peace and kindness.

I myself find this legend very interesting. The story is simple but easy to understand and full of humanity.

Legend No. 4

In Celtic culture living in Eastern Europe, the date is calculated according to the Moon cycle and each month there will be a symbolic tree. Accordingly, on December 24, the conifer is a symbol of the winter solstice.

On the winter solstice, they will hold a festival called Yula. During this festival, they burn a log of their relatives with conifer trees in order to pray for the lucky and prosperous New Year. Later the custom of burning the log was replaced by displaying a tree, usually a pine, and then they decorated candles, mistletoe, and holly.

Celts believe mistletoe and holly are two plants that symbolize proliferation, because of their relentless vitality. Besides, mistletoe is also an aphrodisiac in the Celtic culture.

That is why today in the Western countries have a tradition of kissing on Christmas Eve, under the Christmas tree is full of mistletoe branches.

Meaning of the Christmas tree

Meaning of the Christmas tree

In addition to the meanings as in the legends I mentioned above, the Christmas tree also has some symbolic meanings. Specifically as:

In the opinion of many people, the green color symbolizes eternity and warmth. Pine is a tree that can grow lush all year round, even in cold winters. Many places in the world also believe that the green color on the Christmas tree is something that can ward off evil spirits and sickness. So it was chosen for Christmas for the same reasons.

In addition, the Christmas tree is considered a resurrection tree, symbolizing a strong life, overcoming all obstacles towards a better life. Because pine trees live in the harshest climate and still keep their strong, green and eternal green appearance, the pine tree is considered a symbol of life.

Christmas tree is considered a symbol of hope, new vitality and solidarity. During the Christmas and New Year festivities, the tree appears regularly in the central location, where people hold hands and dance around the ornate pine tree.

Some ways to decorate a Christmas tree

Christmas trees are familiar to everyone at Christmas. The decoration of pine trees is a favorite activity of many people, especially young people because it creates a happy and harmonious atmosphere in the family. Currently, many companies and businesses often buy pine trees to put in their offices every Christmas.

To have a nice and fresh space to celebrate Christmas, start a new year with lots of joy and peace, please share some of the following beautiful Christmas tree decoration:

Pine classic style

This decoration is suitable for places where the interior space is classical. Hang up crystal crystals on the tree to create a sparkle and shine. Then arrange more flash to cause color mixing effect, this will make the Christmas tree more colorful and attractive.

Under the Christmas tree, you place gift boxes with different colors. Place the fir near the fireplace, if there is no fireplace, you can stick the fireplace on the wall, then hang on red socks with gifts. Some other items attached to the tree such as bells, laurels, small flowerpot … will make your space become a lot more vivid.

Pine style childhood

Pine style childhood

Christmas is always a great time for children. You hang on the Christmas tree the innocent and familiar images in early childhood awareness such as confectionery, cute little toys like stuffed animals, toy cars, dolls, candy, Santa pictures, snowman, a clown …. This decoration will help the Christmas tree become funny, jubilant in the joyful atmosphere of Christmas.

Pine style natural

This decoration is easy to implement and also the most simple, this is also the style that many people love. You just need to use cotton or styrofoam and adhesive additives to create a white snow effect on the foliage of the Christmas tree. Then decorate the house with rustic wooden houses, small pretty. From a distance, we can imagine a small village in the middle of the pine forest on white snow days. Isn’t that great?

Note in decorating the Christmas tree

In general, there are many ways to decorate a beautiful Christmas tree. Depending on the space and the aesthetic eye of each person, we choose for ourselves a specific pattern. But please pay attention to the following before decorating the Christmas tree:

Decorating by subject: The decorations need to follow a certain theme to ensure cohesion and harmony. You can not attach images of candy, toys, or clowns to the space of a quiet pine forest with rustic houses. Or the colorful balls never fit a pine tree style nostalgic. Try to combine the decorations on the tree in a harmonious and homogeneous way according to a particular theme.

Decorating according to feng shui: decorate the Christmas tree according to the overall color and theme suitable for space where you place the tree.

Try to cover the gaps: With a pine tree about 2.4 m high or more, there is quite a lot of space. So use twigs, wheat twigs, bunches of leaves or a small bunch of flowers nestled into pine branches.

You only need a few artificial leaves, plus a few small balls and green decorations, then attach them with steel wire and cover with a ribbon and you have a product. gorgeous already.

Limiting the use of too many lights: A Christmas tree will become colorful, confusing if you use too many colored lights, flashes. Try to use only 1 to 2 colored lights to create a light effect for your pine tree.

Where to buy a Christmas tree?

Currently, on the market, there are many places selling Christmas trees with two types of real and fake pine with different prices. But it is best to save money and can reuse next year you should buy fake pine trees, even people in developed countries like Germany, France, the US … they also use fake pine for Christmas.

In addition to the mini pine trees, small size (30-50cm) for a table with prices around 100k, you only need to spend 250-300k to be able to buy a Christmas tree with a size of 1.2-1, 5m with lots of accessories included. The trees with a height from 2.4m to 4.5m, the price ranges from 700-3.5 million. Depending on your needs and economic conditions, please choose the right product for you.

You can go to the toy store, decorate the house to buy, or buy online at e-commerce sites. The advantage of ordering online is that there are many designs and sizes for you to choose and ship to your place.


Once Christmas comes again, the feeling of being with family and loved ones is wonderful. Hand in hand walking side by side, watching the streets, the houses with sparkling colors with countless beautiful symbols, bearing the unique mark of Christmas that make me excited. And especially, the Christmas trees are making a more beautiful appearance for each home when Christmas day is near.

Hopefully, the sharing in the article has helped you to have enough information about the origin, origin, decoration and choose to buy the Christmas tree.

Final Words: Wishing you a merry Christmas, happiness, full of joy with family and loved ones.