What is exfoliation of the skin?

The use of exfoliating step

Exfoliating is an extremely important step, bringing many benefits to the skin such as:

  • Exfoliating helps smooth skin and youthful than actual age
  • Exfoliating helps remove dry skin dull, replace it with a new layer of cells. Brings a perfectly smooth white skin.
what is exfoliation of the skin
what is exfoliation of the skin
  • Exfoliating helps clean the skin, helps the nutrients penetrate deep into the skin nourishing and effective.
  • Exfoliation helps limit clogged pores, acne and defecate causing dermatitis.

Do exfoliation face and body have the same?

Human skin is composed of the same, but at each location on the body has a different skin texture. Therefore, the use of a type of exfoliating products to all parts of the body is not reasonable.

For face and body, the skin should choose products to separate exfoliation because of facial skin thin body weaker.

Exfoliation for face and body with different products
Exfoliation for face and body with different products

Especially the elbow, and knee, required an exfoliation product stronger than the face and body a lot.

However, if you use these types of natural exfoliants such as oatmeal, rice bran powder, coffee grounds, … he calls this sentimentality can be used for both face and body.

Should exfoliate several times one week?

Exfoliation brings a lot of use for the skin, so many people believe that exfoliate as much as possible.

But this is completely wrong, so exfoliate several times 1 best week ?. But the exfoliating is one-step skin care is important for women.

But should not be overused because it makes skin eroded, impaired ability to protect the skin under the influence of the environment.

Perform exfoliating from 1-2 times/week is enough
Perform exfoliating from 1-2 times/week is enough

Therefore, to be perfectly smooth skin, you must perform safety scrubs. To give exact figures for the number of times per week exfoliating depends on many factors such as skin type, environment,…

But according to experts, you should exfoliate 1-2 times/week is best. If your skin is too oily or the work environment is too polluted, it can exfoliate 2-3 times/week.

Guide exfoliating properly

Exfoliating problem is, should exfoliate several times 1 week have been answered. So perform exfoliation how properly, help maximize efficiency. Step exfoliation fact extremely simple, just comply with the following sequence:

Step 1: Make bloom pores

First, wash your face using warm water to dilate pores. If you have time, you steam the skin. This step helps the dirt and dead cells deep in the skin be cleaned easily.

Step 2: Wash your face

Use a cleanser suitable for facial skin to clean, dry cloth and then gently on the skin waterproof. Attention should choose a mild cleanser suitable for your skin naturally.

Massage gently to remove dead skin cell layer
Massage gently to remove dead skin cell layer

Step 3: Scrub

After cleansing, you will start making exfoliating. Choose exfoliating products to suit your skin. Get a sufficient amount of product and spread over face.

Perform massage gently in the opposite direction to the pores the skin absorbs the nutrients. Then wash your face with water and take steps next lotion in your daily skincare procedures.

We hope that the above information sharing will help everyone understand what is exfoliating, should exfoliate several times one week the best. Thus, each person will have more experience helps skincare always looks fresh and radiant.