What is an ampoule in skin care?

The use of Ampoule

Ampoule capable of penetrating into the skin than any other skincare product on the market. Ampoule majority extracted from herbs Organic, vitamins, enzymes, … .vo and safe for the skin when used.

What is an ampoule in skin care?
What is an ampoule in skin care?

Thanks to the formula contain many nutrients and speeds penetration into the skin, where the use of Ampoule is also highly appreciated. The first refers to the ability to nourish, restore and regenerate the skin from within, skin becomes the most healthy.

Additionally, Ampoule can restore skin imperfections like fine, dark, pigmentation, freckles, rough skin, uneven skin color, … .khien skin became a smooth ball full of vitality.

The current basic type Ampoule

Currently, on the market, there are two types of Ampoule and oily gel form

+ Ampoule gel is extracted from plants, lightweight structures can be absorbed deep into the skin. Ampoule matching gel on the surface of the skin, are suitable when used in combination with a mask.

Ampoule has two basic kinds of gel and oil
Ampoule has two basic kinds of gel and oil

+ Ampoule oil form heavier textured gel, usually contained in small tubes. Ampoule format often used to massage the oil into your skin, replacing the skin moisturizer.

Ampoule different from Serum

When learning through components and the use of Ampoule, many people find this product looks similar to the serum. So different from Serum Ampoule? In fact, similar Ampoule Serum, but the concentration of serum stronger activity.

Do Ampoule still relatively new on the market, should cause much surprise to the user. Moreover, the product is dedicated to Ampoule unwieldy than serum, which required the assistance of a dermatologist.

The effective use Ampoule

An ampoule is effective skincare products, but if you do not know how to use will not achieve the desired effect. The ampoule contains active ingredient strong lotion, so users only need to use 1-2 times a week is enough. You can use Ampoule in many ways follows:

  • Skincare: When used Ampoule lotion, you can apply a sufficient amount of Ampoule over the skin, gently massage over face to products that can penetrate deeply into each skin cell.
Ampoule combined with lotion helps nutrients absorbed by the skin behind them
Ampoule combined with lotion helps nutrients absorbed by the skin behind them
  • Combined with nourishing mask: A using Ampoule many lovers is combined with skin. This way, you mask until nearly dry, then lifted his mask to apply an extra layer of skin Ampoule, pat and then mask. This helps the skin using an adequate supply of nutrients and moisture necessary, fit the person or stay up late.
  • Combined with lotion: One other use of Ampoule is combined with lotion. You only need a few drops Ampoule with cream and daily use. This way creams can penetrate deeply into the skin, nourish the skin perfectly.
  • Use with the foundation: Ampoule can be combined with the foundation to help more evenly spread cream becomes, will look natural substrate and a lot brighter.
  • Lock layer Makeup: Ampoule can be used to lock the layer of makeup. Just a few drops Ampoule on arms, remove all finished patted hand, this helps natural makeup class and not take the miles back repeatedly chalk.

Serum ampoule used before or after?

Ampoule many different usages, but if you use the same basic skincare steps are taken before or after Serum ampoule? This is a problem a lot of devotees of beauty care. Usually, people only choose one type of serum, or Ampoule Essence to use in daily skincare procedures.

If only one type of essence lotion, you would use the following steps using toner. Since this time the skin has been cleaned and pH balance nutrient absorption should be higher. If you use a combination of the Serum and Moisturizing Ampoule in the process, it should be used before using Serum Ampoule.

Ampoule should use before using Serum
Ampoule should use before using Serum

What is the problem Ampoule,  Ampoule Serum used before or after they were answered in detail in the article above?

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Hopefully, this information will help people have more experience to care for the skin, helps the skin becomes perfectly beautiful.