What is a primer in makeup? Topical Sunscreen Before Or After It?

What is a primer? What is the effect of a primer?

+ In addition to helping the foundation to maintain the color, it will keep the eye color longer, so that the eyeliner is also one of the quite popular products today.

What is a primer? What is the effect of a primer?

+ Some primer creams also contain many nutrients to moisturize, moisturize and make the skin look fresh, smooth.

+ Helps to reduce pores and make makeup color to the right color

+ Reduce the harmful effects from the environment such as smoke, dust, …

Do You Need A Primer?

It seems that lining has many advantages, right? However, if you just want a light foundation, you can skip this step because sometimes applying too many layers will make your face look heavier.

Instead, you can use products that incorporate many functions, such as BB cream. CC cream, Cushion, … These children are extremely suitable for those of you already have beautiful skin already and just press a little more. Just quick and look natural again.

Do You Need A Primer?
The product integrates many functions such as BB cream. CC cream, Cushion, …

Or if your sunscreen has such capabilities as a primer and can be used as a makeup base, there is no need to use additional cream.

Saying that does not mean that absolutely do not need to use cream offline! The cream will be quite suitable if you want to make up for the night party or your skin has many defects such as acne bran, blackheads, pores, uneven skin color … with these defects, sometimes Only using foundation or powder can’t cover it all.

Should Sunscreen Be Applied Before Or After The Primer?

As you all know, sunscreen is considered to be an indispensable product of everyone. It works to protect the skin from damage from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

According to experts, you should apply sunscreen in between the skincare and makeup steps (foundation cream, foundation, foundation, …).

Should Sunscreen Be Applied Before Or After The Primer?
Should sunscreen be applied before or after the primer?

After the skin is done, it is best to wait a few minutes for the layer to penetrate deeply into the skin before using sunscreen.

This will not make the sunscreen diluted, leading to a decrease in the protective effect on the skin. In addition, the use of sunscreen before primer as well as makeup will ensure makeup is not affected and becomes more perfect.

Sequence Of Skin Care And Makeup Steps

Step 1: Skin cleansing steps: Clean the skin with a facial cleanser or depending on the circumstances that need to use extra makeup if you have had makeup before; Exfoliating, mask by weekly; Can be used to balance skin moisture as well as deep clean pores.

Step 2: Skincare steps: Depending on the type of skin and the time that we will perform appropriate skincare steps. Wait a few minutes or use your hands to gently pat the skin into the skin before taking the next steps.

Sequence Of Skin Care And Makeup Steps
A sequence of skincare and makeup steps

Step 3: Protect your skin: Use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful environmental factors such as sunlight, smoke, dust, etc. Skin such as aging, dark spots, dry skin, … okay!

Step 4 : Makeup: After skincare and full skin protection, we can safely transform to make up.

As above, Fado.vn has shared, you can start with a foundation and then foundation, concealer, etc. or simply use a light makeup layer with BB cream, CC cream, Cushion, … if you already have a flawless skin already!


The information that the article shares will help each person know whether to apply sunscreen before or after primer. As a result, each individual will have more beauty experiences to own beautiful, smooth and youthful skin.

It is often said that “naturally beautiful but not naturally beautiful!”. Even if someone is born with natural blemish-free skin, small pores, moderate humidity, but does not know how to care for and protect the skin, sooner or later, the environment and the sun will come. makes the skin worse and aging faster.

So, please love your skin girls! Start by choosing products that are reputable and safe for your skin. Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about what is a primer in makeup. Please share this article if you find it useful. Thanks!