Weight Loss Menu And Fitness At Home

How does the weight loss menu affect the process of regaining your physique when more than 80% of the weight loss methods that you apply are unscientific ?!

To reduce the excess fat is a process, but after the efforts and days of practicing sports or women still complete the schedule of exercises to burn fat, but the weight even does not change. Change is how the issue you should review here is diet or in particular, simple weight.

Have you had your simple weight after every training session and still ensure nutrition and science yet?

In this section, I guide you “Weight loss menu and fitness to maintain your physique at home” – With specific data.

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Here are 16 foods you should eat, limit, and do not eat:

1. Carrots lose weight

Carrots are foods high in vitamin A, potassium, and other nutrients that help the body absorb them easily.
Supplement nutrition, limit fat absorption, and increase satiety.
These are the significant effects you will get if you use carrots to lose weight.

2. Broccoli weight loss
Broccoli is rich in vitamins, rich in fiber, which slows down the digestion process, facilitating the use of excess fat.
Broccoli is a vegetable, the more you eat, the more you lose weight!

3. Cabbage to lose weight
Cabbage is also a typical food in the kitchen of homemakers.
By processing a variety of dishes and food is useful for weight loss.
Cabbage is rich in fiber and contains very few calories.

4. Celery to lose weight

Dieters choose celery because it contains a lot of water and does not seem to contain any calories.
Besides, celery also contains large amounts of calcium, magnesium, and iron that are very good for health.

5. Tomatoes lose weight

Tomatoes are superfoods that are not only good for weight loss but also a beauty-trusted diet for women.

6. Types of legumes

Legumes like peas, lentils, black beans, red beans, etc. are high in fiber and protein for weight loss.
Also, legumes help to fill the stomach, promote rapid weight loss.

7. Eat apples to lose weight
The fruit is an integral part of the scientific weight loss diet.
And apples are fruits with a high satiety index.
Apples contain pectin, a natural fiber that can slow digestion, making you feel full for a long time.

8. Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits contain a high amount of water, which helps to fill your stomach. Also rich in vitamin C, helps firm skin.
Grapefruit is low in sugar and recommended for weight loss. Drinking 1 cup of grapefruit juice before meals help reduce fat accumulation, thereby reducing weight effectively.

9. Salmon lose weight
Salmon is food almost no starch and sugar, low in calories – but provides minerals and protein for the body, helping support the effective weight loss process.

10. Tuna
Tuna will be food to help you lose weight effectively thanks to its content of vitamins, omega, and other beneficial fats.

11. Eat eggs to lose weight

Cook the eggs evenly

Boiled eggs contain a lot of protein to help you feel full longer, limit appetite, and be an effective way to lose weight.

12. Limit your intake of desserts
It is tough to control attractive desserts such as ice cream, cake, etc. This is a type of food that contains a lot of fat, sugar, and chemicals, causing weight gain to lose control.
Therefore, if you want to have sound effects, please remove these items from the slimming menu!

13. Limit eating dried fruits

This is trendy junk food. Undeniable nutritional value and vitamins from dried fruits
But this is also the cause of weight gain that few people notice.

The amount of sugar in dried fruits can cause weight gain, creating cravings, and eating out of control.

14. Avoid sugar-rich berries
Grapes, rambutan, … all cause weight gain quickly due to high sugar content. Be careful with the advice “eat a lot of fruits to supplement vitamins”!
Not all fruits are safe because some types can cause weight gain.

15. Avoid eating lots of starches

smell the rice

Starches are very difficult due to the daily eating habits of the Vietnamese people. You should replace ordinary rice with brown rice if you want to lose weight.
Limit starch from potatoes, nuts, bread, cakes …

16. Remove greasy foods from the menu
This is not only recommended for people who want to lose weight but for everyone in general. Not only causes obesity but also many other health consequences.

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The following is a way to create a weight loss menu, which is widely used and measured by specific data.

Content overview:

Contact calories and weight
Calculation of calories needed per day
The number of kilograms you need to reduce
How to choose the weight loss menu and the corresponding weight loss exercises
How to lose weight at home

A. Relationship between calories and weight

Calories (calories) are the energy for living activities of the body. Metabolized from protein, carbohydrate (sugar/starch/ soluble fiber) and fat in food.

Calories exist in 2 forms: absorbed calories and burned calories. Fat is the extra calories stored by the body. (Fat)

Excess Protein: Eliminated
Excess Carbohydrates: break down into fatty acids, then store fat
Excess Fat: Turns directly into fat
Carbohydrates and fats are found in white animal fats, starchy foods, and sweets.

For example, milk tea, hamburger, omelet, instant noodles, white rice, …


Want to lose weight quickly at home just “Calorie balance.” Weight loss experts have calculated, “To lose 0.45 kg of fat requires 3500 calories.”

So how scientifically? The content below will guide you!

B. How to lose weight and melt belly fat at home

To lose weight and belly fat at home – increase the calories burned, and reduce calories consumed.

Five steps to lose fat by science:

Step 1: Calculate calories needed / day
Step 2: Select the number of symbols to be reduced
Step 3: Choose an exercise and schedule weight loss training
Step 4: Schedule a diet
Step 5: Perform and record every day
Everyone has different weight, height, age.

Specific example:
– Female name: Thanh
– Weight: 65 kg
– Height: 160 cm
– 25 years old
– Habits: Do not exercise

Thanh wants to lose weight in 10 days scientifically! And here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Calculate the calories you need each day

To calculate the Calories (calories), we need to rely on the BMR formula. In that formula, Mifflin St Joer is popular.

BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate – Energy every day when not eating and not exercising.

We are all in motion, so “Calories will equal BMR x Values ​​from 1.2 ~ 1.9”.

Calculation of BMR:
Male BMR:
10 × Weight (kg) + 6.25 × Height (cm) – 5 × Age (y) + 5
Female BMR:
10 × Weight (kg) + 6.25 × Height (cm) – 5 × Age (y) – 161

Calculation of calories per day according to the movement milestones:
No exercise: BMR x 1.2
Light exercise 1-3 times / week: BMR x 1,375
Moderate exercise 3-5 times / week: BMR x 1.55
Exercise 6-7 times / week: BMR x 1,725
Exercise 7 times / week: BMR x 1.9
According to the Mifflin St Joer formula:

BMR = (10 x 65) + (6.25 x 160) – (5 x 25) – 161 = 1364 calories / day

The total number of calories Ms. Thanh needs each day: 1364 x 1.2 = 1636.8 calories/day.

So how many kilograms of Ms. Thanh need to be reduced?

Step 2: Select the number of symbols to be reduced

To find out which an ideal amount of Ms. Thanh needs to be reduced, we will use BMI.

BMI is an estimate of health. BMI in women [18.5 – 24.9] is satisfactory.

BMI = Weight / (Height x Height)
Ms. Thanh has BMI: 65 / (1,6²) = 25,39 kg / m²
To return to BMI 24.5 (ideal level), it is necessary to reduce:
65 – [(65 x 24.5) / 25.39] = 2.28 kg
Losing 0.45 kg needs to reduce 3500 calories.
Should have lost 2.28 kg and need to lose 17,500 calories
In 10 days: we need to reduce 1750 calories/day.
Thus, Calories from menu + exercise at 1750 calories/day.

The first exercise will be to lose fat, then the diet to lose weight.

Step 3: Choose exercises and schedule weight loss workouts

You search on Google Search, you will see “matrix” of fat burning exercises at home.


No article tells you how long it takes, how many times, how effective?

The “author” will give you the correct answer, with the following 14 homework.

1 Slow walking (1 m / s) 3
2 Normal walking (1.3 m / s) 3.5
3 Quick walking (1.5 m / s) 4.4
4 Rapid walking (1.79 m / s) 5.1
5 Jump rope (less than 100 beats/minute) 8.8
6 Jump rope (100 -120 times / minute) 11.8
7 Jump rope (more than 120 beats/minute) 12.3
8 Aerobic exercise slightly reduced fat 6.5
9 Aerobic exercise usually reduces fat 7.5
10 Aerobic exercise for weight loss 8.5
11 Yoga Hatha exercises 2.5
12 Ashtanga/power yoga exercises 4.2
13 Hot yoga exercises / Bikram 6.4
14 Yoga vinyasa/flow 7.9
Mets are a measure of exercise intensity. From Mets, we can calculate the calories per hour of exercise.

Calories burned = METs * 3.5 * [Weight (kg) / 200] * Minutes of exercise


If training in 45 ′:
1 Slow walking (1 m / s) 157 calories
2 Normal walking (1.3 m / s) 183 calories
3 Walk fast (1.5 m / s) 225 calories
4 Rapid walking (1.79 m / s) 262 calories
5 Jump rope (less than 100 beats/minute) 450 calories
6 Jump rope (100 -120 times / minute) 604 calories
7 Jump rope (over 120 beats / minute) 630 calories
8 Aerobic exercise slightly reduced fat by 333 calories
9 Aerobic exercise usually reduces fat by 384 calories
10 Aerobic exercise reduces fat by 435 calories
11 Yoga Hatha exercise 130 calories
12 ashtanga/power 220 yoga exercise
13 Hot yoga exercise / bikram 328 calories
14 vinyasa yoga/flow 406 calories
For Ms. Thanh’s example, we will choose the rope skipping exercise to lose weight in 10 days.

To burn calories quickly, Ms. Thanh needs to exercise the most two times/day. Forty-five minutes at a time. Specific training schedule is as follows:

Practicing in 10 days, Ms. Thanh will burn 12,188 calories (losing 1.56kg).

With the desire to lose 2.28 kilos and need to reduce 17,500 calories, we will continue to reduce 5312 calories in the daily diet menu.

As mentioned above, Thanh needs 1364 x 1.2 = 1636.8 calories / day.

And we only need a diet menu of about 1100 calories/day to achieve.

Step 4: Choose food and diet schedule

There are many different tips, and you should choose according to the light, and lunch mode should eat well, reduce the evening.

Breakfast: new energy day
Lunch: serving the evening
Dinner: digestion restricted
Want to reduce 1100 calories/day we will divide as follows:

Morning 450 calories
Noon 450 calories
Evening 200 calories
Then choose dishes for specific scientific diet schedule as follows:


Ms. L will start the day with food under 431 calories.

South tofu with red wine one bowl of 400 calories
Pho 1 re-beef 431 calories
Beef noodle soup one dish 431 calories
Beef Pho 1 bowl of 431 calories
Pork pasta one plate 414 calories
Pork noodles one pot 415 calories
Blood porridge one bowl 332 calories
Congee 1 bowl 412 calories
Noodle soup with one jar of 296 calories
Crab vermicelli with one bowl of 414 calories
Pork soup with pork one bowl 322 calories
Chicken soup one bowl 346 calories
Crab bowl one bowl 379 calories
Change frequently the above dishes, to increase the appetite.

Diverse lunch with protein

Half a cup of rice, about 200 calories, combined with a low-calorie protein dish like:

Blue sea crab
Shrimp with tomato sauce
Cook by steaming, boiling, baking, …

Low-calorie weight loss dishes: steamed squid with ginger, stir-fried shrimp with sweet and sour sauce, …

With the above lunch, Ms. Thanh will keep the level of 400 calories.

Dinner snack

Snack on light fruits, or fruits rich in fiber and vitamins.

So what will fruits/vegetables around 200calo look like?

If done, Thanh only charges about 1,000 calories a day.

Also, Ms. L can use more 0-calorie dishes (mentioned below) after meals. Both standard and no effect on health.

Thus, we have completed the menu to lose weight and abdominal fat at home for Ms. L in 10 days – The effect of losing up to 2.28 kg quickly.

You rely on the information above and choose for yourself a suitable weight loss schedule offline.

NOTE: The effects on the calorie-burning process:

After 40 years: 2% off with age
Fasting: Reduce 50% of total calories burned
Red light day: Reduce 30-50% or increase x2
Fever (above 37.5 degrees): Reducing 7% / fever temperature
Get plenty of sleep: reduce 10% of total calories burned
Food groups of 0 calories include:
Black coffee without sugar – 0 calories
Filtered water – 0 calories
Types of tea (leaves) – 0 calories (green tea, lotus leaf)
Fresh lemon – 8 calories
Two large celery stalks – 13 calories
1/2 cucumber: 20 calories
1/2 carrot: 15 calories
1/2 grapefruit: 18 calories
For ideal calories, you can drink fruit juice.

Each time adding sugar will +40 calories.

Above is the essential information about how to lose weight at a scientist. The effect may vary depending on the location of each person.


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“Losing 10kg in a week without using exercise drugs” is it possible?

According to the above weight loss formula, we will get the following solution:

Losing 10kg needs to reduce 77,777 calories
In 1 week, you need to reduce 10,000 calories/day
Suppose you are fasting (drinking only water), and practice skipping
Every day, you need to dance at least 14 hours
Not counting metabolism 50% reduction when fasting
Thus, losing 10kg in 1 week without using drugs just makes exercise difficult.


Based on the criteria and diet above, you can create your suitable diet menu. Always bring delicious feeling but save.

Below is a quick weight loss diet menu; you can refer to.

A. The 7-day diet menu is reasonable

If you are looking for a sensible diet for people losing weight in 7 days, immediately refer to the following effective fat reduction diet plan.

1 / Breakfast

Day 1: Oatmeal cooked with soy milk served with peanut butter or a few slices of apples or butter
Day 2: Unsweetened orange juice with a small slice of crackers or brown rice crackers
Day 3: Sweet potatoes and glass of soy milk
Day 4: 1 Big apple + 1 glass of unsweetened milk
Day 5: Two bananas with a cup of oats
Day 6: Sweet potatoes and glass of soy milk
Day 7: Carrot salad with lemon juice and a banana

2/ Lunch

Day 1: Stir-fried spinach without salt, served with brown rice, a few slices of fresh butter.
Day 2: Steamed fish, fresh cabbage salad. Snack a banana
Day 3: 300 g of boiled fish, a cup of tomato juice. Snack on boiled corn
Day 4: 1/2 cup brown rice, 200 g cooked chicken, cabbage salad and fresh carrots
Day 5: Avocado salad with cucumber, steamed black beans and a bowl of brown rice
Day 6: Brown rice bowl with cauliflower and green bean soup
Day 7: 300 g of boiled or fried fish, a plate of cooked mixed vegetables. Snack on half an avocado with a spoonful of peanut butter
For meals, you can eat one more apple.

3 / Dinner

Day 1: Salad with vegetables, tomatoes, onion and some chicken breast
Day 2: 200 g of beef, a jar of yogurt
Day 3: 200 g of fish, fresh cabbage salad
Day 4: 2 hard-boiled eggs, carrot salad and salad dressing
Day 5: Carrot soup, potatoes and pumpkin
Day 6: Salad with vegetables, tomatoes, onion and some chicken breast
Day 7: 1 bowl of pumpkin chicken porridge or 1 bowl of corn soup, fish, vegetables, broccoli, carrots
In addition, you can also incorporate the following natural fat reduction foods to help the fat loss process quickly achieve the desired results.

4 / Additional menu

Suggestions for foods and drinks to lose weight can complement or replace the diet in the 7-day weight loss menu.


High in acid and easy to absorb calcium, lemon is an inexpensive panacea for people who need to lose weight and beauty.

Lemons help purify the body, burn excess fat quickly, detoxify the liver, purify the blood effectively.
How to use: Drink lemon juice diluted instead of water daily. Also, lemon juice mixed with honey and warm water is suitable for weight loss goals.

A dish not to be missed in the weight loss menu.
Tofu contains a lot of vegetable protein, so it helps you feel full for a while and helps to eliminate fat in your abdomen.

Usage: Eat tofu instead of the main dishes at the meal to accelerate the process of reducing your physique!

Green tea
Green tea works to burn excess fat, purify the body, prevent disease.
How to use: Wash green tea leaves, you can use shears or hand writing gently for slightly crushed tea leaves, then put in the kettle. Note that the amount of boiling water is about 70-80% compared to the pot to brake the tea, do not cover: Doing so can keep the drink taste good and do not make the next water pale while limiting the destruction. Destruction of high heat towards the beneficial ingredients in tea, finally enjoying it.
Dark green fruits
Oranges, bananas, watermelons, pineapples all work to reduce weight effectively.
Cruciferous vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium and fiber, which is good food for cutting calories but still nutritious.
The above weight loss menu can be sustained. Suitable for male muscle, office female, student, postpartum woman, or housewife.

B. 5 Diets are most interested in

Check out the following diets suitable for people who want to lose weight:

B1. Eat Clean healthy food
B2. Low Carbohydrate diets reduce carbs
B3. DASH Diet lower blood pressure diet
B4. Keto weight loss regime
B5. The standard GM Diet 7-day diet

B1. Eat Clean

Eat Clean is simply a collection of unprocessed foods. Food retains its freshness.

Eat Clean weight loss menu seven days:

Day 1: Banana smoothie -> Tomato and tofu salad -> Vermicelli mixed with boiled chicken
Day 2: Fruit yogurt -> Sprouts salad and boiled eggs -> Grilled meat with fresh vegetables
Day 3: Oatmeal -> Chicken and bean salad -> Tomato salad
Day 4: Fried eggs with cheese -> Cicada salad -> Grilled chicken with vegetables
Day 5: Fried eggs -> Shredded chicken with salt and chili dots -> Salmon with tomato sauce
Day 6: Strawberry smoothie -> Salmon and avocado salad -> Cucumber with bacon
Day 7: Fried eggs and asparagus -> Stir-fried cauliflower with beef -> Pan-fried meatballs
Most of the dishes on the Eat Clean menu need to be as simple as steaming. You can choose to devour Eat Clean, through processes such as steaming, boiling, sautéing, mixing salads/salads.

B2. Low Carb

Carbs are protein from carbs and sugar. Low carb is to reduce carbohydrate-rich foods in the diet. So, which foods should be eaten on the Low Carb menu?

Low Carb Foods for weight loss:

Lean meats, and offal
Seafood like squid, octopus, fish, shrimp, …
Types of green tea, herbal teas, unsweetened cocoa, and black coffee
Spicy vegetables: basil, dill, ginger, turmeric, neighbor
Eggs, margarine, olive oil
Green vegetables such as kohlrabi, cabbage, chayote, melon, cucumber, pennywort, price
Mushrooms, eggplant, etc.
If you feel hungry, use side dishes: coriander juice, fruit, smoothies, etc.

B3. DASH Diet

DASH means a healthy diet prevents hypertension. The standard DASH weight control diet requires less than 2.3kg of sodium per day.

Diet to control weight and prevent hypertension:

Whole grains: 6-8 servings daily
Vegetables: 4-5 servings per day
Fruit: 4-5 meals per day
Milk and dairy products (yogurt, cheese, ..): 2-3 servings daily
Lean meat, poultry, and fish meat: 200g daily
Nuts and legumes: 4-5 servings per week
Good sources of healthy fats (mayonnaise, avocado, olive oil): 2-3 servings daily
The DASH diet averages about 2,000 calories per day. If you are trying to lose weight, you may need to eat fewer calories.

B4. Keto Diet

Ketogenic Diet is a balanced regimen of three elements: Protein, Protein (Fat), and Fat. You can refer to the diet high in protein Ketogenic (High Protein Ketogenic Diet):

Weight loss diet HPKD:

Ratio: 30% protein, 60% fat, 10% protein
30% of protein foods: eggs, bacon, salmon, shrimp, sardines
60% fat foods: avocado, walnuts, cheese, olive oil, yogurt
10% of protein foods: asparagus, kale, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber
Combining three food groups, you will get the food in the diet Keto Diet.

B5. GM Diet

General Moto Diet is a menu that helps you lose nearly 7 pounds in a week. It helps to eliminate toxins, impurities, improve digestion, and enhance fat burning.

Diet regimen for GM Diet for one week:

Day 1: Fruit only (except watermelon)
Day 2: Fresh or steamed vegetables
Day 3: Eat fruits and vegetables (except bananas and potatoes)
Day 4: Only bananas and fresh milk
Day 5: 300 grams of lean meat, chicken, or fish. Drink 2 liters of filtered water
Day 6: Same as day 5
Day 7: Brown rice, fruit, juice or vegetables
You will be surprised at the effect after seven days of dieting with GM Diet.

The fat waist will make you extremely insecure when going to the beach or merely wearing more cool dresses than usual. Right now, we have to focus more on making proper diet adjustments. To excess fat is no longer a worry.


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