The Reason Japanese Women are Forever Young and Old and Not Fat

Young Japanese women forever old, attractive physique, not fat, mainly due to a healthy diet.

Japanese fashion critic Kiyokazu Washida said: “Good health, healthy body is the best fashion statement.”

The Japanese have the highest life expectancy of all the countries in the world. In particular, Japanese women have achieved a world record of life expectancy – 86.4 years in the past 25 years. They are old, attractive, and not fat in most cases due to a healthy diet.

Explaining to the Japanese diet, Naomi Moriyama, the author of “Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat,” took readers into her mother’s kitchen in Japan. Version and secret of the secret to a long life while staying active and healthy.

1. Foods they eat every day include:


– Types of seaweed

– Vegetables

– Soybean

– Rice

– Fruits

– Green tea

2. Japanese people like to eat at home

A traditional meal includes grilled fish, a bowl of rice, stewed vegetables, miso soup, sliced ​​fruit for dessert, and green tea.

The Japanese consume nearly 10% of the fish in the world, although they only account for about 2% of the world’s population. This daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids may explain why they live long and healthy lives. Besides, they consume five times more vegetables than cruciferous vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts than Americans.

3. Japanese use fresh and seasonal food

The highlight of Japanese cooking is the use of fresh and seasonal foods. Japanese supermarkets sell fresh food, Japanese women buy fish, meat, vegetables, or prepare family meals with packaged food half an hour that day.

4. Japanese eat slowly and divide into small meals

According to Moriyama, since they were young, they were taught to eat slowly, enjoy each piece and the food on the plate was only 1/3 of the size of American cuisine. Moriyama said the basic principles of Japanese food display at home include:

– Never fill a disc.

– Never eat large amounts of each dish.

– Each dish is displayed on a separate plate.

– Lack more than abundant.

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– Each dish is decorated naturally.

– Food should be gently decorated.

– Freshness is first.

5. Food is cooked to

The most common ways to prepare food in Japan include: steaming, grilling, pan-frying, stir-frying, or frying sautéed or quickly fried in a pan … Japanese cooks use these types of food. Excellent oil for the heart and increase the flavor of the dish.

And although the meals are not many, they also make the person feel delicious and not too full.

6. Japanese eat rice instead of bread

This is an essential difference in the diet of the East and the West. Excessive consumption of refined flour is a major cause of obesity in the United States today.

Instead of eating bread with each meal, eat half a cup of brown rice or other whole grains 1-2 times daily like Japanese.

7. In Japan, breakfast is considered the most important and most significant meal of the day

Japanese breakfast can include dishes such as green tea, rice, miso soup with tofu and scallions, seaweed, omelet, or fish. It was a highly regarded meal, and the Japanese rarely missed it despite being busy.

8. Limit the consumption of desserts as sweets

This does not mean that Japanese people do not like attractive foods such as chocolate, cakes, cookies, ice cream … However, they enjoy them at other times, not for dessert. The sweet foods that eat more and more stimulate appetite and weight gain as a consequence.

9. Not interested in dieting

While Americans are obsessed with diet and weight, Japanese are encouraged to enjoy a wider variety of foods.

However, a part of the younger generation is gradually affected by the emergence of fast food shops from the West in Japan.

10. Exercise

According to the article in Time magazine “How to live 100 years”, Japanese people are in good health and fabulous physique because they actively combine different forms of exercise every day.

They exercise in daily life like cycling around the city, walking, hiking and enlist even when sitting.

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