The Lifestyle of Japanese Women Keeps them Young

In addition to keeping the body healthy, a series of these Japanese women’s habits also contribute to their “baby” skin regardless of age.

Most Japanese women we see often have fair skin, shiny, and pink as a baby. Therefore, many people have tried to decipher this secret through beauty products as well as functional foods. However, it must be understood that to have such beautiful skin, Japanese women not only rely on skincare products but also many factors of healthy living in life, as well as long-term habits.

Eat foods rich in collagen and vitamins:

Japan is famous for fish dishes, and most of the Japanese daily meals have fish. Fish fat is rich in vitamins, minerals, as well as collagen, which keeps the skin tight. If your skin is dry, lifeless, try increasing your intake of fish. On the other hand, green tea is also a popular dish for Japanese people. Drinking green tea can help slow down the aging process because green tea is high in antioxidants, which can protect the skin from harmful substances.

Besides, Japanese women are extremely fond of eating fresh fruits. Most Japanese homemakers keep two to three fruits in their homes, such as apples, bananas, melon or pears, and kiwifruit. They usually eat fruit every day after meals for several hours. It sounds simple, but if you think about it, we rarely have the habit of eating fruit every day. If you are a person who does not like fruits, you can supplement your vitamins with juices.

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Hot shower:

Japan is famous for hot springs, and even in provinces without hot springs, there are public baths and saunas. While saunas in Vietnam are considered a “luxury” activity, in Japan, this is popular and seen as a viral relaxing activity. Not only Japanese women, but many Japanese people enjoy the sauna. On the other hand, water in public baths in Japan is also mixed with vitamin oils, so soaking in warm water with many minerals regularly is also one of the secrets of beautiful skin of Japanese women. Besides, such hot steam also helps improve respiratory diseases such as sinusitis, allergies …

In Vietnam, we do not have such baths, but you can still take care of your face by a periodic facial steam. Sauna steaming is very simple, and you need to choose a pot or bowl to clean, preferably only for steam. Let a little boiling water in, then cool down a little, then put the face about 15-20 cm away from the water and cover a towel and keep it still until the water cools down. Such a sauna stimulates the process of detoxifying the skin from deep within, making pores clear, minimizing the possibility of acne. Alternatively, you can add some herbs or essential oils to the water if you like.


Japanese women see the sun as the “enemy” of the skin and health in general, the culprit for countless wrinkles, dark spots, and even skin cancer. On this point, it can be said that most Vietnamese women have done an excellent job of protecting their skin with indispensable “equipment” on the streets such as coats, sun-blocking skirts, and sunglasses. However, in Japan, there are many kinds of umbrellas, blankets, and umbrellas with UV protection function.

These umbrellas, tops, and hats are designed to block the sun completely, much more effectively than other fabrics. Not only that, although Japanese women have covered umbrellas and coats, they never miss the sunscreen. With such protective layers, it can be said that Japanese women’s skin is entirely unaffected by the sun.

So if possible, invest in quality sun protection shirts, and never forget to apply a layer of sunscreen before you go out!

Use home-made and “edible” skincare:


Japanese women do not rely entirely on branded skincare products but often use edible, fresh, and perfectly healthy ingredients, no preservatives to care for the skin, appreciate the natural value and ” organic.” They believe in a lifestyle close to nature, not abusing chemicals. Some skin care routines using Japanese household ingredients include: washing your face with rice water, using rice bran to exfoliate, using green tea water like toners, using red azuki beans to exfoliate your skin. Full body death …


In Japan, it is rare for people to use motorcycles or personal vehicles. Most people use public transport or bicycle. Japanese women are no exception. They even have the principle of “1 – 3 – 5”, meaning that less than 1 km can walk, less than 3 km, they can use bicycles or subways, and more than 5 km to drive.

Because they do not use personal means so much, Japanese women move to everyday locations (to work, to the market, to pick up children …) entirely on their own feet. This not only helps women of cherry blossoms keep slender physique but also improves blood circulation, boosting metabolism to help skin always rosy. On the other hand, many studies show that walking can reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

We can learn this and apply it to small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator when you need to buy something if less than 1km you can walk instead of riding, for example.

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