Singles Day in India 2020 Sales Help You to Stop Being Lonely

What is the Singles day in India, what happens on that day, and what will we benefit?

Being single is what makes us think of loneliness, a feeling of being alone, cold, and like we are being separated from the community, this is an uncomfortable emotion.

Previously we thought that a single day is only for people who are unmarried or without girlfriends, without boyfriends but that is not enough.

Being single is a feeling; this is for everyone; we all feel lonely. And this feeling is not suitable for physical and mental health … sometimes leading us to do bad things.

And the single day in the world was born, not only in China or India, but the whole world needs a day to relieve the feeling of loneliness by shopping at the delight at meager prices. It is the feeling of owning many desirable items that make us less lonely., It’s great, isn’t it!

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What is a single day 11/11?

11/11 originated from China, and this is considered a day to honor the “celibacy” of young people in some countries around the world. This holiday was born in the 1990s, when the students of Nanjing city of China came up with the idea of ​​choosing November 11 as a festival for singles. Because this day, according to Arabic numbers represents four sticks. The Chinese read (Guanggun Jie), also means single.

11/11 is special when Chinese people see this day as a lucky day, the most favorable day of the year because it has up to four 1s standing next to each other, this implies “Heavenly time – geography – harmony – doing everything goes smoothly. Also according to that, if any store opened, contracted to do business on this day, then all good luck will come.

Alibaba – the leading e-commerce site in China and the second in the world began to respond to this day from 2009. After nearly ten years, it has become a world-renowned shopping event. After only four years, the US cyber day event was left far away and is gradually catching up with Black Friday.

Why is a single ceremony associated with shopping?

Billionaire Jack Ma, right from the start of building the ’empire’ of Alibaba, embarked on the idea of ​​implementing a shopping promotion on the occasion of holidays. Accordingly, starting in 2009, he chose November 11 to implement this plan.

From the very beginning, Alibaba’s marketing method has encouraged consumers to give themselves the privilege of ‘celebrating’ a single holiday.

But this day has never been limited to single people it is aimed at all classes.

Although Alibaba is the first to link Singles’ Day to shopping, many other competitors who do not miss the game like Inc have also carried out promotions, similar to Vipshop Holdings Ltd and a range of other e-commerce companies.

An essential difference between Alibaba and Amazon is that the Chinese company is an intermediary that helps buyers and sellers find each other, while Jeff Bezos’ empire has its inventory to sell.

While mainland China is still the most significant revenue earner, Alibaba is trying to push the event around the world. The Group is also making efforts to attract AliExpress and users, two English-language websites, to participate in the promotion.

The AliExpress sales unit promises to make “millions of transactions” globally with a strategy of reducing everything from smartphones and radio speakers to footwear and cosmetics products.

What is the single day in India?

11 – 11 – In harmony with the single world day created by billionaire Jack Ma, a single day in India, on the original trading floors, there are countless promotional products for India with incentives on Price can be up to 70% while product quality is not changed.

Celebrated on 13 February as proclaimed by Nee Yaaruda Komali a YouTube channel since 2018 but not many supporters and people still choose 11-11. Because the number 1 is a symbol of loneliness or loneliness.

Singles day in Tamil Nadu you also easily own great products from AliExpress because of its global shipping policy.

Singles day in India 2019, what is the difference?

2018 was a bleak year for China’s stock market, and it was unclear whether the US-China trade war had an impact on consumer shopping markets.

However, this year, Alibaba has used new weapons as traditional stores by investing heavily in malls, convenience stores, food delivery services. This is part of Alibaba’s “new retail” initiative.

Every transaction through the Alipay payment service is included. The initiative aims to equip retailers with new technology to manage inventory, serve as a distribution center for online customers as well as connect stores with Alibaba’s platform.

In India, you can use payment methods such as Palpay or Visa, because the transaction provider has added and verified late 2018 for the convenience of the world and India.

Besides, there are more than 250,000 “smart stores” that want to combine online and practical retail experiences. Alibaba predicts 2019 will be the most “single” ceremony ever.

What do we get here:

It can be said that we will relieve the feeling of loneliness by buying many products at meager prices, and especially the quality has not changed with the past.

Currently, 2019 Aliexpress trading platforms have public policies about goods, distinguish genuine products and copies, ask the seller to be clear in the product description, and they want to rise to the top of the floors. The world’s top trade, so this is the long-term plan. We can rest assured that shopping here.

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