What is Singles Day in China?

Referring to the word singles in the thinking that each of us immediately remembers being unmarried, alone, “poison” means one, which means loneliness.

We, humans, live in a close relationship, in addition to family relationships such as the relationship of father and son, mother and child, brothers and sisters, sisters, and sisters. However, one relationship that significantly affects our mental and mental health is the relationship between men and women, the involvement of love for girls and boys…

The single-day here reflects loneliness because there is no boyfriend or girlfriend more than other relationships. However, it is for everyone who feels lonely.

When the world changes, the economy is challenging, and the unusual situation becomes more serious, it can be said to increase after each year … making people bored … and Jack Ma has resolved. The problem is by giving people a feeling of being single to another feeling to forget boredom: Shopping extremely cheap goods in a day 11-11 – single day.

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Less than ten years ago, Alibaba came up with the idea of ​​linking an odd celebration, for unmarried young people in China, to shopping. However, the event was a huge success and attracted hundreds of millions of shoppers each time, with the presence of Internet shops as well as traditional stores.

Even other retailers rushed to join in the Singles Day pioneered by Alibaba to enlist the sudden increase in customers. At the moment, this is the largest shopping event in the world and tends to increase each year sharply. In the context of the US-China Trade War, this year’s Singles Day becomes unpredictable in sales.

According to Forbes magazine, Single Day is the largest online shopping event in China, and the world takes place on 11-11. Singles’ Day in Chinese is Guang Gun Jie, in English is Singles ’Day. For the past ten years, billionaire Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group has celebrated this odd holiday for singles, as a festival in contrast to Valentine’s Day.

What is the origin of Single day?

Ma chose the 11-11 holiday starting in 2009.

Singles’ Day was initially started at the Nanjing University of China in 1993, as a holiday for single students. The reason students choose 11-11 is that four numbers 1 suggests four bare, lonely sticks. The original meaning of ‘Single Sticks’ Holiday’.

What happens on Single Day?

On Singles’ Day, young people often organize many activities such as going to karaoke, meeting new friends and above all going shopping. With many promotions, young people will take advantage of discounted opportunities to buy their favorite items.

Many men feel sorry when they spend too much money on appointments. But that amount is nothing compared to the number of single guys spend!

When dating, conversations, mixed food will help reduce spending money.

In the meantime, imagine you sit at home all day and click consecutively to buy on Single Day, the amount is much worse. Valentine is nothing compared to Single day in terms of spending!

Singles’ Day is an opportunity for people to relax and forget about their “unsustainable” status. Cheap items will fill the emotional void you are lacking. So they will buy chocolates, order flowers online …?

11-11 holiday players buy everything: from home appliances, electronics to cars to this big sale day. If the room lacks an electric fan, buy an electric fan, or a teddy bear to sleep, then buy a teddy bear …

Single Day is like a festival with all participants, including single or married.

Just for fun, during Valentine’s Day, couples walk hand in hand, but Singles’ Day is not for singles. It has become a holiday for all shoppers!

Why is there a single day?

According to Chinese readers, November 11 is similar to a lonely person. In the 1990s, November 11 was a significant event in Chinese universities, but it was the complete opposite of Valentine’s Day. China’s middle class has made that celebration a widespread phenomenon.

Why does Single Day become a shopping holiday?

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma is the creator of this. When Ma started building the company, Jack Ma clung to the idea of ​​focusing on promotional goods around a holiday, inspired by the famous Black Friday event of the West. He chose November 11, 2009, to start the first Chinese shopping festival.

Since the early morning, his company has launched measures to stimulate active consumers by reducing prices. With the message of self-love, Jack Ma encouraged singles to buy things for themselves on 11/11. However, its success was so great that the whole nation of China joined this shopping event.

Jack Ma has never targeted a single person. He targets young people in Chinese society who are willing to spend money to shop online. This year’s Singles Day event will be the last time Jack Ma lags as chairman of Alibaba. He is expected to resign on January 1, 2019, and hand over the control of his empire to Daniel Zhang.

Is a single day an Alibaba exclusive event?

Is not. Although Alibaba was the first company to link Singles’ Day to shopping, many of its rivals took part in the event so they wouldn’t be left behind. JD.com is an example. They continuously launched these promotions.

Is a single day for Chinese people only?

While dominating the mainland China market, Alibaba is trying to make itself more global. It also means that foreign brands can also use the platform to sell goods to Chinese people. The company is also developing an English version of its website to expand its market share.

With AliExpress, Alibaba makes no secret of its ambition to target overseas consumers. Meanwhile, owning Lazada allows the Chinese retail giant to be more influential in Southeast Asian markets.

What is the size of a Single day like?

The amount of goods sold on Singles’ Day in China is more than two times the total number of products sold during the 5-day holiday season in the US, starting with Thanksgiving. It also sells more merchandise than the full time from Black Friday through Cyber ​​Monday.

Single Day sales in China have increased year by year, with sales last year reaching $ 24.2 billion. It is on par with the GDP of some small European countries. Most goods are purchased through Taobao and Tmall, Alibaba’s two leading online e-commerce sites.

Singles day What’s different this year 2019?

The Chinese stock market is in a state of the prolonged slide, while US tax measures have a significant impact on China’s production and business activities. These can affect consumer psychology.

Alibaba, meanwhile, is significantly promoting the traditional elements of Singles’ Day through increasing investment in malls, convenience stores, and food delivery services, part of the so-called bright. New retail ant.

GANYU, CHINA – NOVEMBER 11: Workers distribute express parcels at a logistics centre of China Post during Alibaba Group’s Singles’ Day global shopping festival on November 11, 2016 in Ganyu, Jiangsu Province of China. The so-called Singles’s Day on November 11 has now become an online shopping festival for e-retails and customers in China. Alibaba’s sales volume broke 100 billion yuan this year. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

However, all transactions through Alipay, Alibaba’s payment instrument, will count towards Single-day sales if it is made on this day.

 Connecting online stores with traditional stores along with more than 250,000 smart stores will make Singles’ Day Single 2019, the most significant event for Alibaba. With that, it will be the most critical shopping day in human history.

In addition to Alibaba, the enthusiastic presence of other e-commerce sites across China will also make the scale of this event even more significant. With a population of 1.3 billion with reliable coverage of the Internet and smartphones, Singles’ Day in China will be a shopping event that is hard to beat in both sales and scale despite less than ten years old.

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Singles day or Guanggun Jie (Chinese: 光棍节; pinyin: Guānggùn Jié; Wade–Giles: Kuang-kun chieh; literally: ‘Single Sticks’ Holiday’) is a shopping holiday popular among young Chinese people that celebrate their pride in being single. The date, November 11th (11/11), was chosen because the number “1” resembles an individual who is alone. The holiday has also become a popular date to celebrate relationships, with over 4,000 couples being married in Beijing on this date in 2011, compared to an average of 700 a day.

The holiday has become the largest offline and online shopping day in the world, with Alibaba shoppers exceeding 168.2 billion yuan (US$25.4 billion) in spending during the 2017 celebration. Rival JD.com hosts an eleven-day shopping festival as well, which garnered US$19.1 billion, bringing the Chinese total to US$44.5 billion.


Chinese Singles’ Day, or Bachelors’ Day, originated at Nanjing University in 1993. Singles’ Day celebrations spread to several other universities in Nanjing during the 1990s.The holiday was named “Singles’ Day” because its date, 11/11 (November 11), consists of four “ones,” representing four singles.

There are several theories explaining the creation of the Singles’ Day festival. The most widely accepted theory is that the holiday grew out of Nanjing University’s dorm culture. One origin story is that in 1993, four male students of Nanjing University’s Mingcaowuzhu (“All single men”) dorm discussed how they could break away from the monotony of being single and agreed that November 11 would be a day of events and celebrations in honor of being single.

These activities spread through the university and eventually made their way into wider society. The spread increased with social media use, and the event has become increasingly popular within contemporary Chinese culture and society.


Singles’ Day serves as an occasion for single people to meet and for parties to be organized. The holiday was initially only celebrated by young men, hence the initial name “Bachelors’ Day.” However, it is now widely celebrated by both sexes. “Blind date” parties are popular on this day, in an attempt to alter the single status of the participants. Some universities organize special programs to gather singles together for the celebration.

Singles may take on an annoyed or self-deprecating attitude in response to remaining single as a university student, but university initiatives have helped curb that negativity.[citation needed]Although this date is meant to celebrate singlehood, the desire to find a spouse or partner is often expressed by young Chinese people on this date, while other love-related issues are discussed by the Chinese media.


The event is not an officially recognized public holiday in China, although it has become the largest offline and online shopping day in the world. Sales in Alibaba’s sites, Tmall and Taobao, have reached US$5.8 billion in 2013, US$9.3 billion in 2014, US$14.3 billion in 2015, US$17.8 billion in 2016, and over US$25.4 billion in 2017. JD.com also achieved a sales record of US$19.1 billion in 2017, while Lazada drums up US$123 million.

As more people join in the celebration of this holiday many companies have taken the opportunity to target younger consumers; including businesses such as restaurants, karaoke parlors, and online shopping malls. For example, the Chinese online shopping mall Taobao sold goods worth 19 billion CNY (about US$3 billion) on November 11, 2012.

On Singles’ Day 2017, Alibaba set a world record for most payment transactions during the festival. Its mobile wallet app Alipay processed 256,000 payment transactions per second. A total of 1.48 billion transactions were processed by Alipay in the entire 24 hours, with delivery orders through Cainiao (Alibaba’s logistics affiliate) reaching close to 700 million, breaking the previous record set in 2016. The event is now nearly four times the size of America’s biggest shopping days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

2011 marked the “Singles Day of the Century” (Shiji Guanggun Jie) as this date had six “ones” rather than four, increasing the significance of the occasion. In 2011, an above-average number of marital celebrations occurred in Hong Kong and Beijing on November 11.

Singles’ Day has since been popularized through the internet and is now observed at several places outside of China as well. The holiday has particularly grown in Southeast Asia, with customers in the Lazada’s Southeast Asian marketplaces ordering 6.5 million items in 2017. This is in part thanks to heavy promotions by the Lazada group in this region.

In the United Kingdom, Single’s Day, also called National Singles Day, is celebrated on the 11th March. It was initiated by a group of internationally recognised dating experts in order to help singles either embrace their single status or ‘do something about it’.

Media Markt, a German company, promotes Singles’ Day in their stores. Belgian Mediamarkt also participates, but reactions have been negative since the 11th of November is the anniversary of the Armistice of 11 November 1918 that ended World War I, and the day is associated with somber commemoration of the war dead in Belgium. In 2016, Swedish electronics retailer Elgiganten promoted a Singles Day campaign in Norway before implementing it in the other Nordic countries the following year.

In India Singles’ day is celebrated on 13 February as proclaimed by Nee Yaaruda Komali a YouTube channel since 2018.

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