Singles Day Best Deals 2020 – Unlimited Hunting Goods to Help You Forget Loneliness

Hello, whether you are single or not, the feeling of loneliness always exists in each of us, that feeling will never disappear forever whether you are happy, sad, whether you are married, or You’ve got a lover.

The feeling of loneliness going on somewhere in you, just wanting to jump out, makes you feel bored and can lead to many negative thoughts.

When a problem arises, people will find a way to solve it; fortunately, billionaire Jack Ma has thought of shopping on a whole day 1: 11-11. We all know these days, billionaires will make a lot of money, but it’s undeniably an activity that reduces your feelings of loneliness.

So what does the best single-day offer include, how to get it right away without being bought by someone else. This article will help you that, and eventually, your feelings of loneliness will vanish.

Best Deals Before Singles Day



Some Brands Stand Out on AliExpress in Singles Day Sales:


Single Day?

Ma chose the 11-11 holiday starting in 2009.

Singles’ Day was initially started at the Nanjing University of China in 1993, as a holiday for single students. The reason students choose 11-11 is that four numbers 1 suggests four bare, lonely sticks. The original meaning of ‘Single Sticks’ Holiday’.

Single Day?

On Singles’ Day, young people often organize many activities such as going to karaoke, meeting new friends and above all going shopping. With many promotions, young people will take advantage of discounted opportunities to buy their favorite items.

Many men feel sorry when they spend too much money on appointments. But that amount is nothing compared to the number of single guys spend!

When dating, conversations, mixed food will help reduce spending money.

In the meantime, imagine you sit at home all day and click consecutively to buy on Single Day, the amount is much worse. Valentine is nothing compared to Single day in terms of spending!

Singles’ Day is an opportunity for people to relax and forget about their “unsustainable” status. Cheap items will fill the emotional void you are lacking. So they will buy chocolates, order flowers online …?

11-11 holiday players buy everything: from home appliances, electronics to cars to this big sale day. If the room lacks an electric fan, buy an electric fan, or a teddy bear to sleep, then buy a teddy bear …

Single Day is like a festival with all participants, including single or married.

Just for fun, during Valentine’s Day, couples walk hand in hand, but Singles’ Day is not for singles. It has become a holiday for all shoppers!

According to Chinese readers, November 11 is similar to a lonely person. In the 1990s, November 11 was a significant event in Chinese universities, but it was the complete opposite of Valentine’s Day. China’s middle class has made that celebration a widespread phenomenon.

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma is the creator of this. When Ma started building the company, Jack Ma clung to the idea of ​​focusing on promotional goods around a holiday, inspired by the famous Black Friday event of the West. He chose November 11, 2009, to start the first Chinese shopping festival.

Since the early morning, his company has launched measures to stimulate active consumers by reducing prices. With the message of self-love, Jack Ma encouraged singles to buy things for themselves on 11/11. However, its success was so great that the whole nation of China joined this shopping event.

Jack Ma has never targeted a single person. He targets young people in Chinese society who are willing to spend money to shop online. This year’s Singles Day event will be the last time Jack Ma lags as chairman of Alibaba. He is expected to resign on January 1, 2019, and hand over the control of his empire to Daniel Zhang.

Is not. Although Alibaba was the first company to link Singles’ Day to shopping, many of its rivals took part in the event so they wouldn’t be left behind. is an example. They continuously launched these promotions.

While dominating the mainland China market, Alibaba is trying to make itself more global. It also means that foreign brands can also use the platform to sell goods to Chinese people. The company is also developing an English version of its website to expand its market share.

With AliExpress, Alibaba makes no secret of its ambition to target overseas consumers. Meanwhile, owning Lazada allows the Chinese retail giant to be more influential in Southeast Asian markets.

What is the benefit for customers attending the 11/11 shopping festival?

Regardless of whether you are a new or new customer, regardless of whether you buy a little or buy a lot, all offers are for you. The most popular offer is DISCOUNT, PROMOTION with VERY HIGH RATE. This is an excellent opportunity for shopaholics and takes place only once a year.

If you have never purchased on AliExpress and are wondering how to make a purchase and a note to make your purchase as fast and efficient as possible.

Obstacles when participating in single day shopping festival:

The opportunity to buy is not always 100%: On this day, you will have to compete with hundreds of millions of other shoppers around the world. Meanwhile, the number of products provided by the suppliers is limited, especially the major brands. This leads to a much-reduced chance of buying your desired item.

Price reduction is not a reasonable price:

Some shops increase costs and wait for 11/11 to decrease to attract customers who are cheap but compared to other shops may be more expensive.

Delayed delivery time:

Due to a large number of customers buying on this occasion, many shops were overloaded with orders. This can cause delays in packaging and shipping so that delivery time may be longer than 7-10 days.

Experience hunting the right goods in the 11/11 shopping festival:

Note: Products are usually required to deposit in advance to have a chance to capture the sale.

Night-hunting program: To reduce the rate of out-of-stock products and help you buy the best items, X-order warriors will fight right from the first moment of the super sale. This.

The time when the system calculates the sale price starts from 00:00 00 on 11.11.2019 to 23:59 59 on 11.11.2019 (Chinese time), change it by time zone to find out in your country. We will be on duty from 11 pm on 10.11.2019 to ensure your chance of successful purchase is always at the highest level.

Forms of 11/11 discount:

-Direct discount on 11/11: Usually, the shop will discount about 30-70% of the order value.

-Get a discount by placing a deposit: Some shops require a deposit of 1 part of the order value (usually 10-30 yuan).

The advance deposit for this shop will not be refunded if you cancel the application on your own.

For example: for a 100 yuan order, the customer deposits 20 yuan for the supplier.

How to identify which suppliers are having a promotion:

1. Notice “money order – keep goods to enjoy preferential sale price”:

How to identify notifications:

– Vender (supplier) requires customers to deposit a certain amount of money in advance, on 11/11, the deposit amount will increase in value; The amount that customers have to pay is the amount left after subtracting the amount of deposit from the sale price.

– Example: Vender announces a promotion for customers who order shoes, as shown below:

– Inside:

Number 1: The cost of the product is 399 yuan

Number 2: The amount of vender required is 40 yuan in advance

Number 3: The value of the deposit is automatically increased from 40 to 60 yuan.

At that time, the customer only needs to pay the amount: 399 – (60-40) = 379 yuan for this pair of shoes (20% discounted order).

How to search for Vendor products that require a deposit:

– After accessing the sales website, you type the search syntax according to the structure: “双 11 预售 + product keyword”.

– Example: For a women’s underwear, the search syntax is as follows: 双 11 预售 内衣

Be aware of the 11/11 discount program via the notification image next to the product:

– Usually, the vendor hangs a banner and announces the promotional price on every product listed below:


Number 1: Price on regular days (cost price)

Number 2: the Sale price of the product on 11/11 (promotional price).

Wish you a successful shopping 11-11:

Finally, I hope you had your favorite products to forget your loneliness.

If you find the information here useful, please help us share with your friends more knowledge to buy better products at lower prices. Thanks!

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