15 ways to fix sim card recognized but no signal

Have you ever encountered the situation, everyone’s phone is still 4 bars of tension and my phone is receiving sim but there is no signal yet? Don’t worry, refer to the cause and apply the 8 quick fixes below!  Along AllReviews4u.com refer to this article.

1. What is the phenomenon that the phone has received a sim but there is no signal?

To make sure your phone is having a signal error, check that your phone is experiencing these phenomena:

  • Message failed or failed to call
  • There is no signal bar icon on the phone even though it has a slim receiver
  • Although using a 3G / 4G phone sim with a huge capacity and activated, the device can not be used

When the phone receives the sim but there is no signal like this, you cannot use its communication function and data connection. Find out the cause and fix it right away.

What is the phenomenon that the phone has received a sim but there is no signal?

Why does the sim have no signal and cannot listen to and access the internet

2. Cause the phone has no signal even if the sim is installed

  • Due to the operator’s error: please check by phone for friends and relatives to use the same network to see if there is a signal. If it is not for your breed, it is definitely a carrier.
  • Because the SIM card is damaged: To test it, install it on another phone. If there is still no signal, then it is highly likely that the sim card has been damaged, resulting in the phone receiving the sim but no signal.
  • Due to your location: if you are in a weak area such as a hill, countryside, island or where there are many other devices using the same station, your phone signal will be weak or not. have.
  • The machine is in airplane mode: many people who have a habit of going to sleep often leave the machine in airplane mode or when traveling on the plane you have to turn it on. If you do not turn off airplane mode, the phone will not have a signal even if the sim is installed.
  • Due to the use of the lock machine: with machines brought from abroad are usually lock machines. As a result, network incompatibility will result in a loss of signal.
  • Damaged hardware can also make phone no signal. Press * # 06 # to check if your device has an IMEI. If the IMEI does not appear, the device may have had a hardware error.
  • Another answer to the question of why the sim is unavailable is due to software conflicts with software upgrades or application conflicts. At this time, the incompatible ROM / operating system will make the phone no signal.

Cause the phone has no signal even if the sim is installed

The error of receiving phone sim but there is no cure like

3. 8 solutions to fix phone signal loss on Android

3.1. Reboot the device

This is a simple way and is usually applied first when the device fails. This solution is effective quickly. All previous applications and programs will be shut down so that the machine will start scanning again. However, you should only use this remedy when the machine does not suffer from frequent signal loss because it is only a temporary solution for minor faulty devices.

3.2. Turn on / off airplane mode

For those devices that have a faulty reception but there is no signal because they are in airplane mode, you just turn this off and wait about 10-20 seconds for the detector to return. In addition, if the phone is not in airplane mode but still has reception, then you can turn on airplane mode. Then set it to 30 seconds then turn it off. At this point, the device will perform a trace again and may receive reception.

3.3. Check your Sim card again

The device has no signal, sometimes the error comes from users installing the sim incorrectly. At that time, please turn off the power of the phone, then check that the sim card is installed correctly or not.

Note: a lot of friends when removing the sim will encounter a situation where the sim card is stuck, even for those who own a genuine, high-end Samsung phone. At that time many people often tried to pull out the sim drive. This is easy to break the Sim and must replace the new sim drive. Gently find a way to remove or ask for help from the repair shop.

Check your Sim card again

Install the sim on another device to check if the sim is broken or not (Source: htcwildfire.com)

3.4. Turn on Mobile Network Automatically

This is the automatic mode to find the design waves on all Android devices. To select this mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings / Settings
  • Select the More Network section
  • Select Mobile Network
  • Next select Network Operators and select Select Automatically

At this time, the device will automatically detect and fix the situation that the phone receives a sim, but there is no signal easily.

3.5. Choose the right frequency band

The device may lose reception if it is tuned in the wrong frequency band. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  • On the keyboard, press: * # * # 4636 # * # * and then press Call and wait for the results
  • The device calibration screen will appear, you access and select Phone/device information
  • Press to run Pin test and select GSM Auto / PRL from the displayed list
  • Click Turn off Radio

After completing these steps, you exit and proceed to restart the device. Then check if the device has a signal yet.

3.6. Software updates

If you have done the above but still can not fix it, please update the software for the system. This will help overcome some of the remaining errors in the machine, thereby better performance.

To update the system software, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings / Settings → select About Device or About Phone
  • Step 2: Select Check for Update
  • Step 3: Select download and install the latest version

After the software update, the device will automatically reboot. At that time, check to see if the phone signal is available.

Software updates

Update software for phones

3.7. Settled from IMEI

Some phones may lose your IMEI without your knowledge leading to the loss of your device. To make sure your device has lost IMEI, press * # 06 # then press Call. If the device still has IMEI it will appear on the screen. If the screen shows Null or Unknow, it means that your device has lost IMEI. To retrieve the IMEI, from the keypad press * # * # 197328640 # * # * → Call. If nothing appears, press the code * # 197328640 # → Call again. If so, the command mode screen will display. Continue to select Field Test Mode. If Field Test Mode is ON, press OFF. Next, select Menu and the IMEI number will be reappeared. Finally, reboot the phone and check if the phone has any signal.

3.8. Restore device

This is how to return the device to its original factory settings as it was originally released. Note, after restore, the device will lose data. You should store important data before proceeding. Then, to fix the phone error receiving sim but there is no signal by restoring to factory settings, perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Select Settings / Settings → Select Backup And Reset
  • Step 2: Click Factory Reset

The device will perform a hard reset, erasing the user’s previous settings and data. After the reset is complete, reboot and check if the signal is back.

Restore device

iPhone lost signal

4. How to fix lost iPhone signal

Although modern devices are popular today, many users of genuine iPhone have once wondered why the sim has no signal. To solve this problem, you have 7 simple ways as follows.

4.1. Go to an area with stronger waves

When you are in a high-rise building, in an elevator or in the mountains, the iPhone signal will be weak or unavailable. The solution now is to get out of that area and go to a stronger coverage area. At this time, you do not have to intervene in the machine.

4.2. Redo new sim

If your phone has no signal because the sim card is damaged or burned, you do not need to buy a new sim. You only need to go to the store, the transaction center of the network to carry out the procedure for re-issuing the sim. When you arrive, remember to bring your original ID card. Depending on the network operator, you will be asked to provide from 5-10 the nearest contact phone number as well as the balance in your account, the most recent recharge.

4.3. Turn off airplane mode

If your iPhone loses its signal because it is in airplane mode, just turn it off. Or you can use this flight mode to solve the problem of the phone receiving sim but no signal. You do this by turning on airplane mode. Then set it to 30 seconds and then turn it off. At this point, the phone will perform a tuner again.

4.4. Using a sim card

You must use a paired sim to solve the situation when the device has no iPhone lock. Because lock phones are phones that are portable from abroad, not yet compatible with Vietnam’s network system leading to errors. The paired SIM card is installed with the sim you are using to unlock the network for your iPhone.

4.5. Reset network services

This means that the network settings are returned to the factory state. During use, opening many applications can overload the device, resulting in application conflicts and signal loss. At this time, you should reset the device to be “refreshed”.

To do this, go to Settings / Settings → General / General → Select Reset → Select Reset network settings. Doing this will help reset the network settings to the factory defaults without data loss.

4.6. Reboot the device

If your iPhone does not go away when there is no signal, you can use a restart method. You turn off the power, wait a moment and then turn it on. For phones with frequent signal errors, this method is not recommended.

4.7. Restore the device

If you have reset the network settings as instructed above and your phone still has sim reception but there is no signal, you should upgrade the software for your iPhone or restore the entire device. This will cause your device to lose data, so store and copy the data to another device before proceeding with the restore.

To do this, go to Settings / Settings → General / General settings → Select Reset → Select Reset all settings.

In addition, the situation of no signal often occurs with fake machines, genuine aviation. You should refer to tips on checking fake phones before buying as well as finding reputable sales locations. Hopefully, the above share has helped you explain the question of why the sim does not have a signal as well as find a suitable fix for your phone. I wish you successful implementation offline!