Samsung tv wifi connection issues – How to connect wifi when the network is weak?

During use, if unfortunately your network is down and you can not connect to your TV network, what do you do?

Here’s how to connect wifi to Samsung TVs when the network is weak, helping you fix the situation immediately, without worrying about weak waves. Today AllReviews4U invite you to refer to this article together!

1. How to connect Wifi to Samsung TV

Samsung is one of the most durable TV brands on the market today. Not only that, the features of this TV are impeccable, the quality is top-notch. Samsung smart TVs are the most popular product line.

How to connect Wifi to Samsung TV

However, some new users of this product will have difficulty finding ways to connect Wifi to their Samsung TVs. But did not know, connecting the TV to the wifi is extremely simple, just follow these 5 steps:

Note that when you connect a Samsung TV to the wireless network, you do not need to buy a versatile wireless adapter because Samsung already supports it.

Here’s how to connect your Samsung TV to your home WiFi

  • Step 1: On the remote, select the Menu button => Select Network. Then press Enter to enter the submenu
  • Step 2: Use the navigation key to select Network Settings
  • Step 3: Select the method of connecting to the wireless network (Wireless) and your Samsung TV will automatically start searching for wireless networks within range.
  • Step 4: Select your home wireless network, then select the connection. If the system requires you to enter a password, enter the password and then connect.
  • Step 5: After connecting successfully, Click OK to complete the process of connecting Wifi for your Samsung TV.

2. What to do when Samsung TV cannot connect to Wifi network

You have purchased and experienced an interesting feature on Samsung Smart TVs and the fact that it is impossible to connect to the TV is a frequent occurrence. So do not worry, be aware of the following simple remedies, your adjustment will be completed in a snap.

First, to make sure it is the fault of the TV, please check if your mobile phone or laptop is connecting to Wi-Fi normally. If so, it is definitely your television.

  • Method 1: Wait for Samsung TV to finish booting

How to connect to Samsung Wifi Wifi – Wait until the TV is finished starting up. (Source: /

Specifically, after you turn on the TV and it cannot connect to the network. Turn off the television, wait 3-5 minutes then turn on the television again, and continue to wait 3-5 minutes for the TV to connect completely to your wireless network.

  • Method 2: Connect Wifi to Samsung TV from a mobile device

What to do when Samsung TV cannot connect to Wifi network

Wifi connection for your Samsung TV on your mobile phone

Using a 3rd device to intervene, that is Wifi from your mobile phone or Laptop. Sometimes your Samsung TV will have an IP overlap with another network device. The solution is to connect the TV to another Wifi transmitter and then return to connect to your home wireless network, which will certainly succeed.

  • Method 3: The last way

Reset the TV to factory condition. Now all network settings of Samsung TV will be back to “original” time and you will start all operations from the beginning.

3. How to connect Wifi to Samsung TV when the network is weak

3.1. Use a LAN cable to connect instead of wifi

  • Step 1: On the Remote, select the Home key (with the house icon) and select Settings
  • Step 2: You navigate down to the Network Section
  • Step 3: Continue navigation to select Open network settings
  • Step 4: Choose Cable. Then plug the LAN cord into the TV

So the connection to your LAN is complete and you can use the TV comfortably.

3.2. Use repeater to enable stronger and more stable wave

Use repeater to enable stronger and more stable wave

When Wifi is unstable, the next way to connect wifi to your Samsung TV is to choose a repeater to enable stronger waves. You can easily find and buy these useful wifi devices on the market at the electronics stores near your home or buy online. The price of this device is also quite “soft hand”, in the range of 150,000 – 300,000 VND, depending on the ability and needs that you can choose the most appropriate type.

3.3. Turn off the Wifi connection unnecessary devices

This is one of the most effective suggestions. If the number of devices connected to the same wifi network decreases, the quality of wifi transmission will improve, that’s of course. This is one of the ways to connect wifi for TV when a weak network signal is applied the most.

Turn off the Wifi connection unnecessary devices

First, you should turn off all unnecessary applications. (Source:

3.4. Replace the wifi transmitter to have better signal quality

Certainly, if the above methods do not succeed, until now there is only a way to replace the wifi transmitter. It is possible that the device after a long time of use no longer guarantees transmission quality, or it may be that the family is using a device that is not of good quality. Buying a newer wifi transmitter is what you should do now.

3.5. Regularly update your TV to make it work best

And finally, if the problem is not on Wifi, your Samsung TV is not a good reception. At this time, the way to connect to Wifi with Samsung TV is to update the TV regularly, in accordance with the updates of the publisher so that your TV is always in the working state.

So with these instructions, believes that you can be somewhat comfortable using your Samsung TV without worrying about losing your network or Wifi network is wavering anymore. Moreover, these ways you can also apply to a few other similar Smart TV series, or just search a little more to be connected.

To freely experience and enjoy all the great technology that brings, the purchase of a genuine TV with many entertainment applications is something you should consider and choose. Please share with friends if you agree that the above instructions if found useful.