Samsung tv keep losing internet connection – 4 main causes?

When Samsung TV is not connected to the Internet, one of the first things you need to do is determine the problem, where are the technical errors?

So, if you do not know the reason, the information in the following article will help you better understand it.  Along refer to this article.

1. Samsung TV cannot connect to the Internet due to network error

Immediately after taking the multi-function TV and large screen, the first thing you need to do is access the Internet via Wi-Fi. However, sometimes users have headaches because of errors from the network of this Internet-connected system.

Why can’t the TV catch wifi? The errors often arise specifically as Wifi flickering, unable to receive signals, weak signals, have a Wifi connection without being able to access the network or without network … However, if you know-how, the user can still handle the This error is very simple.

Samsung TV cannot connect to the Internet due to network error

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2. The most common errors from Samsung TVs

There are many reasons why the TV can not connect to the Internet, besides the network error, one of the common causes is the error of the television you are using. Samsung TVs may not connect to the Internet due to software errors.

This error causes your TV to suddenly not be able to access the Internet or to access the internet very slowly while the wifi is still working normally.

Error Samsung TV connected to wifi but unable to access the Internet also occurs when the TV is connected to the Modem but does not receive IP automatically. This is also the reason preventing Internet connection for your TV.

3. The error comes from the user

In the case of a new user of Samsung TV, it is easy to lead to an incorrect wifi connection setting, which leads to the TV not being able to access the network. If you do not know how to connect to wifi on Samsung TV , you can see the order of steps in the previous articles.

Besides, Samsung TV can not connect to the Internet because the user has entered the wrong password. It sounds silly, but there are many cases where the password is set with many difficult characters to remember or different capital letters, which you can accidentally enter incorrectly.

4. Network device error

The network connection does not work, Samsung Smart TV does not connect to the internet but also arises from an insecure cable source such as a mouse bite, an open circuit, broken or in the case of connecting the cable leading to damage to the network cable.

In addition, if the cable is too long, it also greatly affects the wifi connection speed of the TV. If the TV has the above error, you can refer to the top 3 ways to fix Smart TV without connecting to the fastest network to quickly solve the problem effectively.

Besides network cables, faulty and damaged network devices also prevent Samsung TVs from connecting to the Internet or weak Wi-Fi.

The network devices support if the version is too old (manufactured before 2009), or not enough support also makes the TV Internet connection unsuccessful. To overcome this situation, it is time for you to immediately buy genuine TV accessories to make the connection process faster and more convenient.

As such, the Internet of the TV may not be able to connect or abnormally slow access for many different reasons. Not only from the quality and signal from your service provider, hardware devices but also from software failures, IP errors or even user errors.

Network device error

In the case of connecting wires easily, the network cable is damaged and cannot transmit the Internet

You need to identify specific causes to find the most effective solutions, this is very important. Hopefully, the causes listed in the article above will partly help you solve your problem quickly before deciding to ask a TV repair technician.

By reading this, you already know why Samsung TV cannot connect to the Internet, right? However, in the framework of this article, Part 1 only helps you find out why the TV does not connect to wifi. And there will be times when the new Samsung TV is selling at a discounted price, which will encounter some unexpected problems.