How to treat melasma?

Although the benign disease does not cause pain, pigmentation is still a terrible “obsession” of women, especially postpartum women, and after the age of 30.

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Treatment of melasma easy?

Can melasma cure definitely?

Want to treat melasma definitely need to understand the cause of melasma. 90% of skin pigmentation is caused by internal disorders and the remaining 10% is caused by external disorders.

The causes of skin pigmentation come from within are: natural aging, the process of giving birth, taking birth control pills or other hormonal drugs, due to genetics, diseases of the thyroid gland, ovaries, prolonged stress, …

The external cause is often due to long-term exposure to the sun, the use of cosmetics with toxins of unknown origin, …

Health problems and negative effects of the aforementioned environment are often repeated over a long period of time and manifest as melasma, so the treatment of melasma usually takes place when the skin is very noticeable. melasma deep into the epidermis and subcutaneous layer.

Can completely treat melasma, but requires perseverance and determination.
Can completely treat melasma, but requires perseverance and determination.

The treatment of melasma is extremely difficult because the major cause of melasma is from hormones that come from inside the body.

Melasma is a benign disease that does not cause pain but greatly affects appearance and inferiority complex. Therefore, the treatment of melasma is necessary but requires patient perseverance.

Want to treat melasma should pay attention to what?

People with melasma pay special attention to hormonal balance and sun protection. Currently, there are many Estrogen supplements such as soybean sprouts, spirulina, …

In addition, in order to treat melasma effectively as well as the body is always healthy, anti-aging, women with melasma should supplement vitamins A, E, C and Omega-3 (especially abundant in salmon).

Collagen is also a compound that needs supplements to have beautiful, clean, healthy hair and skin.

Direct sunlight should be avoided.
Direct sunlight should be avoided.

At the same time, people with melasma should avoid direct sunlight, especially when the radiation is strong for 10-15 hours.

Always apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more, and apply 30 minutes before going outside to create the best protective layer.

Current treatments for melasma

Treatment of melasma fast

Treatment of melasma with cosmetics

Currently, there are many types of cosmetic treatment for melasma on the market, from folk remedies, traditional herbs to cosmetics manufactured on modern technological lines.

However, the effectiveness of these cosmetic melasma has not been recognized. This also depends greatly on the skin pigmentation, skin type and health of each person.

In addition, the quality of cosmetic treatment for melasma is also a question because nowadays, cosmetics that are thought to be made from natural ingredients are widespread in the market, but their origin and safety are unknown waits.

Images for treating skin pigmentation with cosmetics.
Images for treating skin pigmentation with cosmetics.

However, many women use cosmetics to treat melasma caused by word of mouth.

To be able to use cosmetics of clear origin and bring the best effect, women should go to a reputable dermatology center to examine the skin and be advised by the doctor which cosmetic is best for their skin, avoiding disability money.

Treatment of melasma at spa

Treatment of skin pigmentation at the spa is using modern technology methods to remove skin pigmentation. The plus point when doing melasma at spa is the effect is quite obvious and the results immediately, without losing time.

However, the cost of a course here is not small and depends on the severity of the patient.

Images for treating skin pigmentation at the Spa.

Currently, the most commonly used treatments for melasma are those that do not approach the skin, use light (laser), use ultrasonic waves (RF, SHR …), or direct impact methods. such as needle roller, stem cell transplantation, biological skin peel, herb burning …

To use these methods, people with melasma must have a skilled dermatologist to diagnose skin conditions and have an appropriate melasma treatment regimen.

Treatment of melasma with oral melasma tablets

Treating melasma at home is mainly a method of masking (external effects) and taking some herbs or drugs that improve internal hormones.

The treatment of melasma at home comes from ancient times, with folk remedies that are infused with each other to treat melasma.

Treatment of melasma with oral tablets.
Treatment of melasma with oral tablets.

The ingredients used at home are quite familiar, easy to find and affordable, scientifically recognized as an effective nutrient ingredient in the treatment of melasma.

However, the preparation, improper use and concentration of essences in folk remedies are not as much as the products extracted and manufactured by technological lines.

Therefore, although it is inexpensive and relatively safe, the application of home pigmentation treatments can bring very slow results, even unclear results and effort.

Home remedies for melasma

Treatment of melasma with aloe vera

Aloe vera (aloe) has extremely high water content and many important minerals such as calcium, zinc, sodium and vitamins A, C, E … It is possible to use aloe vera to treat melasma by covering the face to squeeze drinking water for a more effective effect.

You can remember the following 3 aloe vera mask formulas:

Fresh aloe vera mask melasma

Prepare fresh and large-sized aloe vera leaves (old aloe vera has less plastic inside, less itching). Rinse, remove the skin, retain the white flesh inside and rinse with water to remove mucus.

To dry the water and cut thin pieces, apply on your face for 15 minutes and then wash again with water.

Treatment of melasma by aloe vera mask.

Aloe vera mask and rice water to treat melasma

Fresh aloe vera, remove the skin, separate the white meat wash and use a knife to squeeze along the aloe vera gel. Wash the rice with the first water, take the 2nd water and let it settle to separate the rice bran and the water.

Pour the water in rice water a second time, keep the sediment, mix with aloe vera gel and aloe vera and use a blender puree all. Apply face for 15 minutes and rinse with water.

Aloe vera combined with rice water.
Aloe vera combined with rice water.

Aloe vera mask honey melasma

Take 100g of white meat of fresh aloe vera, remove viscous and 2 spoons of pureed honey. Wash your face and apply the mixture for 15 minutes.

Treatment of melasma with aloe vera and honey.
Treatment of melasma with aloe vera and honey.

Treatment of melasma with turmeric powder

In fresh turmeric and turmeric starch contains valuable nutrients such as curcumin (antioxidant), darken pigmentation, freckles.

Turmeric supplements blood and contains vitamin and mineral components such as vitamin C, E, K, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc, supporting nourishment and regeneration of new skin cells.

How to treat melasma with turmeric starch.
How to treat melasma with turmeric starch.

Besides drinking fresh turmeric juice or turmeric starch to treat melasma, some types of turmeric masks used by many women with melasma are:

  • Fresh turmeric mask (finely ground fresh turmeric)
  • Turmeric mask and yogurt
  • Turmeric mask and rice flour
  • Turmeric mask and honey
  • Turmeric mask and unsweetened fresh milk

The use of fresh turmeric will be more effective. However, if you do not have time, you can replace it with turmeric starch as well.

Treatment of melasma with coconut oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid in large amounts, providing melasma, inhibiting melanin pigmentation to darken skin pigmentation.

Coconut oil is a beauty ingredient that is so familiar to Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian women …. Coconut oil creates a protective film that protects the skin, reduces the harmful effects of sunlight, slows down the development of melasma.

Coconut oil is a familiar ingredient to treat skin pigmentation.
Coconut oil is a familiar ingredient to treat skin pigmentation.

The types of coconut oil masks commonly used to treat melasma are:

  • Virgin coconut oil mask (2 tablespoons of coconut oil)
  • Coconut oil mask and unsweetened yogurt (1 tbsp of coconut oil + 2 tbsp of unsweetened yogurt)
  • Coconut oil and lemon juice mask (1 spoon of coconut oil + 1 spoon of lemon juice)
  • Coconut oil and honey mask (2 tablespoons of coconut oil + 3 tablespoons of lemon juice)
  • Coconut oil mask and chicken egg white (1 tablespoon coconut oil + 1 egg white)

Treatment of melasma with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a “magical” cooking spice that has a beauty and melasma effect. Apple cider vinegar contains amino acids, acetic acid, vitamins, minerals and a number of other beneficial acids.

Use apple cider vinegar to treat melasma.
Use apple cider vinegar to treat melasma.

You can use apple cider vinegar mixed with salad, salads or you can apply one of the apple cider vinegar mask recipe to beauty as follows:

  • Diluted apple cider mask
  • Mask of apple cider vinegar and yogurt
  • Mask of apple cider vinegar, yogurt and honey

Treatment of skin pigmentation with onions

In onions contain vitamins B, A, C, and other essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

Essential oils in onions can also stimulate production, balance collagen in the body, help the skin to plump and slow down the aging rate of cells.

Use onions to treat skin pigmentation.
Use onions to treat skin pigmentation.

You can combine fresh onions in salads, or prepare dishes and use fresh onion juice mask to apply on the face, which all contribute to the treatment of melasma.

Treatment of melasma by lemon

In lemon and especially lemon juice contains amino acids and vitamin C effective women are preferred in many beauty recipes.

In particular, lemon helps remove dead skin cells, brighten the skin, especially the ability to treat melasma effectively and quickly.

Lemons contain vitamin C and citric acid to treat melasma.
Lemons contain vitamin C and citric acid to treat melasma.

Besides drinking lemon water to cool the body, some masks for treating melasma from lemon can be noted:

  • Lemon juice mask + peach almonds + chicken egg white
  • Fresh lemon juice mask + 2 spoons of honey

Treatment of skin pigmentation with herbs

Many herbs are infused with the ability to remove “radiant” skin pigmentation such as: Hoang Ky, Dong Quy, Houttuynia, Hemoglobin, Indian Neem Leaves, Prickly Bodhi, Red Single Leaves… .and many herbs another pharmacy.

Most melasma herbs will be combined with traditional Chinese medicine to increase the effect of melasma and skin cleansing.

Herbal skin treatments.
Herbal skin treatments.

Currently, there are many types of masks and melasma pills extracted from herbs. You should be careful in choosing, and it is better to go to traditional medicine hospitals, oriental medicine clinics that are reputable for advice.

Treatment of skin pigmentation with betel leaf

In 1 betel leaf does not contain the content of “huge” beneficial nutrients such as fiber, protein, mineral salts, calcium, zinc,.

These are all minerals that can inhibit melanin, causing the darkening of freckles, pigmentation, disinfection, and gradual darkening of dark, dull skin.

Betel leaf also helps to fade blemishes effectively.
Betel leaf also helps to fade blemishes effectively.

She can puree betel leaves, apply on the face or squeeze water, then use a compressed mask soaked in betel leaf juice to cover up burnt areas, can effectively treat melasma.

Notes when treating melasma

The note when treating melasma fast

“Speed ​​education” – the treatment of melasma quickly brings about quick results but also disadvantages. Melasma may not have been completely eradicated, clean, and re-able must carry out more costly treatments.

Besides, many people treat subjective pigmentation fast, do not have measures to care for, and protect the skin, and nutrition and rest are unreasonable, causing melasma to return quickly.

Limit sun exposure.
Limit sun exposure.

Therefore, when treating skin lightening fast, you should pay attention to using sunscreen and combining a healthy and nutritious diet.

Especially do not forget to add functional supplements, female hormones, Collagen, and drink enough 2 liters of water a day to have healthy skin.

The note when treating melasma at home

The home skin treatment should have 5 notes:

  • People with melasma need to know their skin type (oily, dry, combination, or oily) and know how sensitive it is.
  • Need to understand what causes the pigmentation and melasma of your skin: shallow pigmentation, deep pigmentation, or combination pigmentation.
  • How sensitive is the skin, as most home remedies will use natural products? Care should be taken to avoid skin irritation.
  • Materials used to treat melasma at home must be clear of their origin and fully matured. If not plastic and other bacteria remain on the shell, on the body of the components will make the skin itchy, reddened.
  • Note after the treatment of melasma, must carefully skincare, adequate moisture and sunscreen effectively.
Some notes when treating melasma at home.
Some notes when treating melasma at home.

Above are some notes in the treatment of melasma. If you have skin pigmentation, do not forget to go to reputable dermatological facilities to be examined by a doctor; do not be subjective lest affecting your health!

I wish you will have a choice in the appropriate and effective melasma treatment.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about “melasma treatment”, and bring some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!