5 steps to making the simplest homemade binoculars

There are many ways to make binoculars that you can refer to and make at home. These methods depend on the source of the material, so the efficiency of use also varies.

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1. What are binoculars? Learn about the structure and working principles of binoculars

Binoculars, also known as a viewfinder, binoculars, magnifying eyes … used to observe distant objects and scenes. You can buy specialized binoculars to use or make your own by looking at the related issues.

What are binoculars? Learn about the structure and working principles of binoculars

How to make specialized binoculars

1.1. Structure, parts of binoculars

Normally binoculars will be composed of a system of two focusing lenses placed coaxially together when the design is called the objective and eyepiece. In particular, the details of the parts will include: objectives, lenses, screw slots, focus adjustment, pipe axis, scale, eyepiece … some other parts of binoculars will be retrofitted due to the composition of each product.

1.2. The principle of operation of binoculars

Binoculars work based on the principle of timing the laser beam is equipped where the machine touches the object to be measured and goes back. Based on this time, it is calculated the distance of objects or objects to be observed.

2. How to make binoculars look through 5 detailed steps

You can make your own binoculars using the easiest way to make binoculars.

2.1. Materials needed

You will have to prepare materials: plastic pipes, solid wood rods, wood plates, pieces, 2-sided foam tape, cardboard, some types of screws, …

Materials needed

How to use far-sight binoculars

2.2. How (including binoculars, and how to support the tripod)

To ensure proper implementation, you just need to make sure the objective and eyepiece are located on a straight line. This is the working principle but also the implementation and construction principle of a basic binocular.

Step 1:

You need to determine what kind of glass to make. Refractive or reflective glass. The article will introduce and guide you on how to make the most common glasses for refracting glasses.

Step 2:

Make sure that the preparation of the working space, as well as the recommended materials, is suitable for the type of glass you want to make. You can prepare the materials: eyepiece, objective, bracket, focus … with other accessories: scissors, pliers, fixed support tape, suitable screws, …

Note when choosing objectives that you should choose old glasses to perform. Single lenses should not be chosen as objectives because their effectiveness is not guaranteed. Prepare a dedicated rack rather than fabricating available materials to ensure quality when used. A sturdy, sturdy glass holder will also make binoculars more accurate.

In step 2, you have to mount the objective on the mount. In this step, you need to make sure that the lens faces are right together

Step 3:

Make lenses for binoculars made of plastic tubes with diameters matching the objective. Note when preparing the length for the lens, the usual length for the lens will be 53cm. When cutting pipes, ensure a straight and perpendicular cut to make the assembly more convenient and accurate. Stick the lenses and objectives together. In the case of loose seams, you can use an additional external washer to secure it.

Step 4:

Install the focusing device prepared according to the eyepiece size by inside the lens barrel. If there is a phenomenon of loose does not match you can use additional gaskets to support.

Step 5:

Attach the eyepiece lens to a 90-degree inverted mirror or mirror, tighten the screw so that the binoculars can have a certain degree of certainty.

2.3. Check and adjust

Not all binoculars are finished with the desired quality. Therefore, when observing, light is occasionally blurry, the quality of observation is reduced, so it should interfere with the lens. The corrective solution for this is that you only need to install an additional light avoidance ring. Simply put, from the beginning you prepare the lens that has an anti-glare reflective spray. You can also use glass sanding to have the same effect.

3. Should you make your own binoculars or buy them at the store?

Making binoculars is only suitable for those who prefer to make their own binoculars. Or making binoculars for the purpose of giving gifts or learning tools to the subjects will make sense and be more appropriate. Because of the disadvantage when users make their own binoculars, not everyone can guarantee the accuracy of their implementation.

Therefore, the quality and efficiency of use are also limited. In addition, with a simple source of materials, no quality control, the manufacture of binoculars is not effective as well as quality, durability is not appreciated.

Should you make your own binoculars or buy them at the store?

Specialized binoculars

So, if you want to get beautiful images from binocular observation, you should order specialized binoculars, sharp images, anti-glare produced by famous brands.

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With the way of making binoculars introduced above, you can completely make the ideal binoculars for yourself and your relatives, friends. Why not try and experience you?