How to watch YouTube on TV for those who are not well versed in technology

YouTube is one of the most used video applications on Internet TV and Smart TVs. The following article will guide you all about how to watch YouTube on TV quickly and sharply.  Along refer to this article.

1. How to watch YouTube on TV

To watch the clip first, you need to refer to the instructions on how to install this application for TV, how to do the following:

  • Press the Home button on the remote of the TV
  • Select App
  • In the search field, type “YouTube”. The Smart Hub will search after each letter is entered and give a suggested result, so you may not need to type the entire word.
  • When the TV screen shows the YouTube app image, click to open the application.
  • The YouTube app has many options available for content selection. To watch a video, just highlight it and select it.

Instructions on how to watch YouTube on TV. (Source: Internet)

Note that this is the way to open YouTube on television guide dedicated line Smart TV from Samsung, the product of the other brand ( company Sony televisions, television Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, …) interface may not be identical, however, Most ways to watch YouTube on TV will be similar.

When searching for videos on YouTube you can search by title, keyword or the name of the person who posted it. You can also reference suggested videos in the search toolbar, watch history, and popular videos.

Usually, there will be some basic topics such as Trends, Music, Comedy, Entertainment, News, Sports, Technology, Live, Games, Family, Food, Beauty …

2. What types of televisions can watch YouTube?

Most TVs with network connectivity will have built-in YouTube. If you use Internet TV models, Smart TVs with the best Internet connection of any company launched from 2014, 2015 or later, it is almost certainly possible to use YouTube.

3. The YouTube interface for TVs is often different

Not all TVs have the same interface, this depends on the brand of products, the version of the TV, whether or not the product purchased YouTube’s copyright if purchased, will it be redesigned …

On Sony, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, most of the interfaces are the same because of the latest YouTube update. Particularly for Toshiba Smart TV, the YouTube app on TV is also a little different because its TVs use the Android version for phones.

Internet TV, TCL Smart TV bought YouTube copyright but rewrote it and made a few changes to make it unique. Particularly Skyworth does not use Google services so YouTube looks quite limited and very few features.

4. What can you do with the YouTube app on TV?

  • Find and watch YouTube on TV
  • The videos will be classified according to each type of content for users to choose (this feature is only available on TCL and Toshiba TVs).

When you open YouTube, the TV will suggest some outstanding videos, which are viewed by many people, so you can click and watch quickly.

  • TVs from Samsung, Sony, and LG feature delete watch history.
  • Display YouTube content from phone to TV (only available for Sony, LG, Samsung TVs, and TCL’s D2780 model).
  • Log into your YouTube account.

Above is a detailed article on installation, how to watch YouTube on TV, as well as related information. I hope to help you easier during use and comfortably experience modern features.