How To Use Panasonic Washing Machine Top Door In 5 Easy Steps

You have learned how to use the Panasonic washing machine on the door how is effective, clean as you wish to ensure the durability of the machine yet? If you do not immediately refer to the guides and useful experiences shared below!

How To Use Panasonic Washing Machine Top Door In 5 Easy Steps
How To Use Panasonic Washing Machine Top Door In 5 Easy Steps

1- How To Use Panasonic Washing Machine Top Door

Perhaps in the space of many Vietnamese families today, the washing machine has become a friend, indispensable assistance of the sisters. Currently, on the market, there are many versatile washing machine lines to choose from.

However, Panasonic brand washing machines are still trusted by many people. With many product lines with different designs, features, and uses, Panasonic will not be difficult to help you choose a suitable product.

If your family owns a top-loading Panasonic washing machine and you are wondering how to use it? So, please follow the instructions for use below to take full advantage of the product’s functions.

Step 1: The first thing after you put in the laundry is to turn on the power of the machine. You can press the On / Off button (also known as the On / Off button)

Step 2: Next you proceed to the washing function. It may depend on the clothes as well as the volume level you are about to wash for different washing mode choices.

Step 3: Then you click to select the start button. After clicking the appropriate mode you click the start or pause button. At this time the machine’s pulsator will start spinning.

There was no water in the washing machine cage. Starting the pulsator measures the amount of laundry to align the water level accordingly. The time for this process usually takes about 5 seconds.

Step 4: Next you should pour clean laundry detergent to soften the fabric or detergent. It may depend on the weight of the clothes as well as the water level or instructions for use, but the amount to choose is suitable.

Step 5: After conducting the fabric softener, close the lid of the washing machine. When you hear an audible signal, the washing process is finished.

Note: During this process of washing clothes, you also need to note the following issues:

If the detergent is difficult to dissolve, then you should mix it with warm water first and then put it into the washing machine. This will help you avoid the phenomenon of lumps as well as insoluble when washing detergent into the machine.

Ideally, you should use detergent easily soluble, clean cloth to protect the life of the washing machine to keep new clothes. If there is too much foam in the washing process. Then you should reduce the amount of detergent added or change the type of detergent to suit your clothes.

2- How To Clean The Panasonic Washing Machine Top Door

2.1. Scrub the tub

The correct way to use the Panasonic top-loading washing machine is the need to clean the washing bucket regularly. It is best before you start washing clothes.

This will help remove any soap or residue from the previous wash. You can use clean water or thin soap to clean the washing machine’s cage. In addition, powder, toilet water clean and safe washing is also a simple and time-saving plan.

If the tub is not hygienically cleaned, it will form a lot of plaque in the drum for a long time. Thereby facilitating the growth of bacteria or mold. You should pay special attention to the position of the drainage hole.

This not only prevents your clothes from being washed. On the contrary, it also contains a lot of risk of disease that can arise when you wear clothes. To make washing the cage of the washing machine easier, you should learn how to remove the top Panasonic washing machine.

2.2 Clean the soap dispenser

Referring to having to wash the washing machine, you cannot help but mention the cleaning of soap trays and fabric softeners.

Although this is a relatively small part, it plays a very important role. Because of clean and fragrant clothes, the use of detergent is indispensable already.

To clean this part, you can run the washing machine again. However, this time, you just let yourself clean water to run to remove the residue. Then, wipe dry with a soft cloth.

The best for a washing machine can be used for a long time, you can apply a new way to clean the washing machine at home 1-2 times/week.

2.3 Using washing machine cleaning powder

The choice of using washing powder machine suitable hygiene is important you should care about. Because chemicals in washing powder can also cause clogging of drainage holes when not fully dissolved.

2.4 Clean the washing machine with the built-in self-cleaning mode

The most effective way to clean the washing machine, especially with a washing bucket, is to run the washing machine the longest-running programs without clothes. For washing machines, hot washing, you should use 1-2 cups of liquid detergent and then start the machine running.

Note midway should give the machine a little break, this will help detergents can soak into the gaps or holes in the washing bucket and knock them away.