How to increase battery life for android phones?

The following 3 applications have many good features, helping users to control and extend battery life on their Android smartphones than usual.

The battery of smartphones today is always a problem not only for many users to pay attention, but also causes many famous smartphone manufacturers a headache. This can be especially evident in Android phones because of the fragmentation of this operating system.

Many models, from cheap phones to high-end Android smartphones, make optimization for each model difficult. Therefore, the CH Play app stores more and more applications from third parties, built with additional purposes but lacking features, optimizing the performance of the smartphone.

The following 3 applications are those that are highly appreciated, with certain effects that help users extend their Android phone usage time. Today AllReviews4U invite you to refer to this article together!


Greenify extends battery life on your phone by automatically freezing unnecessary applications. This method is more effective than shutting down the application, which will require a bigger battery when reusing the application rather than just freezing and retrieving it.

You can choose which apps need to be prioritized to freeze or skip some apps manually. Greenify also has advanced modes, such as Aggressive Doze that allow the phone to hibernate in minutes or hours when not in use.

Feature highlights: set to put pre-specified applications into the hibernation state instead of forcing the application to stop working as the mechanism of other software.

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

This is a software that helps you save a decent amount of battery. Just 1 tap to activate preset saving modes: General, Super and Extreme Mode. For example, professional gamers will definitely prefer Extreme mode to get the highest battery life. You can also customize your own mode according to your individual needs.

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget will let you know which software is causing the most drain on your phone. Then calculate the points for the remaining battery and suggest which features or connections you should turn off to extend battery life.

In addition, the software has an Optimize button, which automatically cleans unnecessary background processes, which can cost you hours of use. This feature can take out the home screen on your Android phone to use at any time.

Salient Features: Handy widgets, multi-user mode, modern user interface, supported and updated regularly.

Avast Battery Saver

Developed by renowned mobile security firm Avast, this battery-saving software is the right choice when you need to plug in your phone charger.

Avast Battery Saver can be used as an all-in-one battery management center, with the ability to switch between usage modes extremely easily based on your current location.

Avast offers 4 modes in its software for your choice: Home, Work, Night and Super – Saving Emergency. You can choose to save manually or let the software automatically switch when the phone automatically connects to the WiFi network at home or where you work.

Avast Battery Saver also has a feature to quickly turn on and off Wifi connections, screen brightness, auto-sync or vibration. It seems like turning off each of these features doesn’t save a lot of battery, but if you properly use all of them, the battery life will increase significantly.

Salient features: Self-selection of saving mode based on the connected Wifi network, general information all in one, estimating battery capacity.