How to Earn Money Youtube Views – A great job for you

How to Earn Money Youtube Views – A great job for you

Perhaps up to this point, there is no doubt about the form of making money online on YouTube, because it is visible and anyone around the world is earning a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars per day.
One difference is made when one person earns a lot of money on youtube with a person who does not or a person who receives a lot, and others make a little by the amount of knowledge they know, the way they do it. Let’s take a look back at the basics!

Is making money with Youtube real or not?

Youtube is a giant platform developed by Google that allows you to post videos to store and share for others, the community to watch or keep them private for you.

Thanks to this platform, the phrase “make money from Youtube” has gradually become familiar. Make sure there are plenty of people around you. (Some people will be public, some people will keep it a secret, you will not know what they do.)

But this work is quite vague for beginners, those with little technology exposure, and even this is unbelievable (or extraordinary) for those who do not do MMO.
So is making money with YouTube real? I will give you a few examples:

PewDiePie: More than 10 million USD per year

This guy once “trolled the whole world” with the statement that he deleted his Youtube channel, he made his promise, but it was another channel =. =. The source if you do not know.
Handsome, funny, good talk and enjoyable game. He earns millions of dollars each by publishing videos on YouTube and making money with Youtube Partner, but the revenue sources from advertising other games are also incredibly abundant.

Make money with Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of other brands’ products/services. You will not have to worry about the source of goods and customer care or logistics.

The only thing you need to do is find ways to promote the product/service.
This is a form that is not new. Many of you make thousands of dollars every month doing affiliate marketing on Amazon, Commission Junction or Shareasale, …

Going back to Youtube, it is widespread for many people to use this platform to make money with affiliates (even earning a considerable income), especially introductory videos (demos, user guides), tips, ….) products.

For example, Note 10 is an accessible internet and TV product in the US; they are willing to share $ 35 to $ 45 to referrals whenever they bring in a new customer.

When looking for Note 10 videos on YouTube, it’s easy to come across videos like these. When viewers click through to their links & make a purchase, they get a share of the commission automatically.

Use Youtube to build brands:

In this case, I will take a pretty prominent example in the field of beauty, that is ChangMakeup.

Whenever Changmakup has a new product, there will be an introduction video, and each video attracts hundreds of thousands to millions of views and tens of thousands of comments.
And of course, the sale of the product will also be extremely favorable.

However, Changmakeup had previously shared a lot of knowledge on Youtube. Must say is “give first, receive later.”

And it is worth it, now is the time for her to enjoy the fruits. Once upon a time, this girl’s shop had an order volume of over 1,000 orders per day, and the website had to close to produce.

Okay, those are the three most prominent examples that I gave to you can imagine the role of Youtube, it is a tool, a Video platform, and how to make money is dependent. On your skills.

In the next section, I will dive into Youtube Partner, the easiest way for you to get started.

Instruction for YouTube Partner registration:

You define, Youtube Partner is a program that helps you earn income by placing ads on the videos you upload. You will receive money with:

  • Every 1000 ads shown. (Little)
  • Each click on the ad (Many)
  • And money will return to your Google Adsense account.

The amount you receive also depends on:

What is video content? (What niches, such as the fields of finance, beauty, cars often share a lot of money)
Who is the ad clicker from? (Countries with developed advertising industry such as America, Europe often bring more income)

To make money with Youtube Partner, you need to have:

  • Youtube account has been accepted to join the YouTube Partner (Condition of 4000 hours watching + 1000 subscribers)
  • Hosted Google Adsense Account.

Instructions to do this I will create a separate article, click the following link to jump to:

To make money on Youtube, you must first have a video to upload, and I will suggest basic ways to create videos:

Shoot and make your videos
It sounds harsh, but it is not easy, you have to create your videos, you have to be gifted in certain areas that you think can generate value for the community.

Some specific examples:

  • Vlog: … These characters, I think are quite familiar with you already. They not only make videos for fun but also make money with Youtube, build a brand too & then make money from other advertising programs (both online and offline).
  • Video Review: These are video reviews of products and services that have many people interested in the market. For example, Video review on phones, technology, travel services, credit cards, etc.
  • Video Tutorials: You can create instructional videos, such as Instructions for using Photoshop to …, instructions for recording with … .., instructions for playing instruments, …. guide everything you feel you know that others don’t know

Create children’s animated videos: If you have the skills of making simple animated videos, you can compile your scripts to create children’s videos, making videos that attract digital babies the number of girls is extremely high.

Shoot all you think you can have a viewer: For example, you play a good game. You meet a cute moment (Baby, pet, boy, girl, etc.) can come back. Or you can make a composite video of an area you think will appeal to the curiosity of the community.

Start? Maybe try collage to create a video.

You cannot talk in front of a video or set up a script, or the appearance to confidently make a video. I think cutting, summarizing information online will be one way for you to start making money with Youtube.

Example of a collection video:

  • Online newspaper (If you read along, the better)
  • eautiful moments of dogs, cats, mice, pandas, …
  • Video of children, children are playing with pets.
  • Controversy, natural phenomena, natural disasters in the world
  • Historical figures, famous personalities, isolated cases.

These videos are assembled from many different sources/videos to create a separate video, and the video makers can dub images, words, voice-over, or music.
You can do the same. Look for videos with the same topic and combine them into new videos, synthesize images from different sources, add text, effects, speech,…

Videos with a large number of views will benefit you very well, for example:
Or many friends gathered from other large video platforms like Facebook, IGTV or Tiktok also make a lot of money.

Youtube SEO – How to attract long view views.

To earn $, just having a video to upload is not enough, you have to make sure your video has a lot of views, have a look and then a new viewer clicks on your ad, you make money from Youtube.

Currently, more than 90% of advertisers bid on clicks, so you will have a lot of clicks if you only rely on the number of views.

You also do not foolishly manually click or ask anyone to click on ads displayed on your videos; Google will detect this and permanently ban your Partner account.

To get more views on Youtube. Along with the fact that you have to be creative to produce high-value videos, SEO is a mainstream marketing strategy & many of you are doing it well.

Video SEO is a way to optimize videos, so your videos can appear in high rankings when people search for YouTube-related videos on YouTube or Google.

For example, users looking for “the strongest superhero,” ethical SEO videos will appear in the first position on the results table. And of course, they will get the most views.

This is a popular method to get free views, so I recommend you learn slowly and apply them in the long run.

Attract more views from social networks (Facebook)

Facebook is the most crowded social network in the world, why don’t we take advantage of it to push views to Youtube, you see the famous Vloggers do this.

You can also create Fanpage on different topics that are related to your Video channel.

Everything starts nan, attract initial likes in all the ways you can.

Especially if your Fanpage has quality content, inevitably there will be many likes. And the task of pushing users from Facebook to Youtube will be more comfortable.
The above is the most basic knowledge for you as well as help you imagine why you upload videos to youtube, then make money.

You should start from here:

However, there is still a lot of knowledge to know, need to learn, and practice every day. If you want a specific guide to help you earn money on YouTube without having to worry about doing it wrong, please join. Refer to the tool below. You don’t even need to attribute the video anymore.

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