How to download app for samsung smart tv 2020

Smart TV has become one of the familiar electronic devices in every family in modern life today. To enjoy the wonderful experience this product has to offer, we need to download the applications from the available repositories.

The following article summarizes the steps for downloading applications for Samsung smart TVs. Along refer to this article.

1. Download the Samsung Smart TV app on the Smart Hub app store

Surely you know and have heard about the utility store on Samsung smart TVs with many attractive functions. Among them is Smart Hub, which is the interface for the smart TV series that Samsung officially launched in 2013 with many changes in display and performance.

This is also an important milestone for Samsung when Smart Hub has taken its smart TV product to a new level of convenience and diversified entertainment facilities.

The Smart Hub platform makes it easy to control all operations and brings a lot of entertainment applications to users. Therefore, for those who love technology, like to discover new things, they cannot be ignored and soon take this interesting Samsung smart TV home to experience.

Smart Hub is a platform on Samsung smart TVs. (Source:

Smart Hub is designed by Samsung almost like the Android operating system of the phone with many icons on the screen, each icon corresponding to certain content or application.

The platform has 3 screens and slides back and forth horizontally. This makes it easy for users to select, control and download applications for Samsung Smart TVs and install. Besides surfing the web, watching movies, downloading apps, Smart Hub also helps us communicate with family and friends through social networking sites.

The advantage of the Smart Hub interface on Samsung smart TVs is that it creates a huge entertainment space on a huge screen, so watching photos and watching videos will become much more interesting and impressive.

Smart Hub includes Samsung Apps, Multimedia and News On.

  • Samsung Apps: The Samsung Apps screen is where all the Samsung smart TV applications that users have installed are stored. Here users can also install new applications by selecting the Category located at the bottom of the interface.
  • Multimedia screen: this is the place for entertainment content from images, audio to video recommended from the internet. Users can easily select their favorite entertainment programs from the multimedia screen of Smart Hub. Besides, this is also a place to help us easily connect with external devices such as USB, laptop or mobile phone.

Smart Hub makes it easy for users to download apps for Samsung Smart TVs. (Source:

  • Newson screen: if the multimedia screen provides attractive entertainment programs, News On is the place to bring the latest information constantly updated from online newspapers.

2. How to install the application for the TV

Downloading applications for Samsung Smart TV will bring benefits to users such as updating news, unleash watching favorite programs, chatting, contacting friends or supporting learning and working. To enjoy these utilities, see the instructions on how to download the application on Samsung smart TV:

  • Step 1: Launch Smart Hub and move the cursor to favorite applications then press Enter.

After launching Smart Hub, select your favorite apps.

  • Step 2: Select Download and the application will be automatically installed on the smart TV.
  • Step 3: Click Open and enjoy your favorite app.

So the user has successfully downloaded the application from Smart Hub. (Source:

To remove unnecessary applications on the TV, hold the Enter key on the remote control for 3 seconds and select OK to remove the application. After downloading successfully, please apply how to use Samsung Smart TV with the latest Smart Hub to enjoy full entertainment moments.

When downloading applications for Samsung smart TVs, the following should be noted:

  • The list of downloaded applications depends on the application store of each TV.
  • The smart TV needs to be connected to the network when downloading applications.
  • Application download speed will depend on the network connection of each family.

So we know how to download apps on Samsung smart TVs for families. It’s easy and convenient. Hopefully, through this article, users can easily download the application to enjoy the benefits that Samsung smart TV brings. Not only that, but you also understand more about convenient features and applications from which to choose to buy genuine TVs as you wish.