How to charge Asus laptop? How long is battery charge full?

Asus is a very popular laptop brand, but how long does it take to know how important it is to charge an Asus laptop battery? Knowing how to charge the laptop battery will help protect the computer from electrical problems, long battery life, durable over time.

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1. How long is the Asus laptop battery charge full

The genuine laptop brand Asus not only because of its eye-catching appearance, strong performance, diverse features but also because of its very good battery capacity. Fully charged will help you operate continuously for 8 to 12 hours on a single charge.

So, how long does it take to charge the Asus laptop battery for how long? The best battery life to conduct charging is 10 to 20% of the battery, do not charge when the battery is full or too depleted.

Depending on the battery fitted in each Asus laptop series, the full charge time will not be the same, ranging from 3 to 6 hours. So you can charge your battery in the evening to save time, without having to wait.

2. How to use the Asus laptop battery properly

With modern Asus laptops, battery life is an important part. It makes a difference so your laptop can be used for long periods of time or a place without electricity. But to charge laptop battery properly not everyone knows? Along learn how to charge and use Asus laptop battery offline.

2.1. Characteristics of Asus laptop batteries

Currently, Asus laptop batteries are mostly Li-ion batteries. This battery has no memory mode, so it can be charged at any time. This type of battery has the ability to disconnect itself after fully charging, protecting the battery pack from being beautiful and durable, from overheating due to charging for too long.

After the battery is 100% full and you still plugged in, when using a laptop, the power consumption will be taken directly from the charger, not from the battery, so you can use it while charging.

Machine after fully charged but not in use, each day will lose 1% power, about 94% battery, then can continue to connect to charge to fully charge 100%. Battery remaining 95% to 100% when in use will not cause the device to be bottled.

Characteristics of Asus laptop batteries

Asus laptops are equipped with a very large capacity battery

2.2. How to charge Asus laptop battery properly

Compared to other brands, Asus has equipped their products with a very good and convenient film. However, if you regularly charge the battery incorrectly will also cause the battery to bottle quickly.

2.2.1. How to charge a newly purchased laptop battery

In order to keep the laptop durable, the battery is always good, it is important to charge the battery right from the beginning. When buying a device, you will be instructed on how to charge a laptop battery, first need to charge 10 hours after the battery runs out and proceed continuously for 3 times.

After the first charge, bring the device to use until the battery is about 10%, then continue to charge, doing so for 3 times, you can use and charge normally. The effect of this method is to keep the computer battery running out of battery and battery long, getting used to the operating status.

2.2.2. Plug the charger wherever you want

How long will it take to charge the Asus laptop battery? When should I charge? Use Asus laptop with 10% battery, 20% battery, 30% battery, … or even more than you can safely charge the laptop battery if you feel like it.

Plug the charger wherever you want, no need to wait until the battery runs out if you are in a place where the power can charge the laptop battery, anytime anywhere.

2.2.3. Can be plugged in while in use

Many people are often afraid of charging while using a laptop, afraid of being charged by a battery or having an electrical problem.

After fully charging the battery, you can still leave the charger without having to unplug, the machine will use electricity on the charger cord, not affect the battery. You may not know that plugging in continuously will help laptop with high performance.

2.2.4. How to plug the laptop charger properly

Plugging the laptop into the laptop may not look complicated or noticeable, but it is extremely important.

When plugging in the Asus laptop charger, you should plug the power of the charger into the power outlet first, then plug the charger into the rear laptop. Doing this will help prevent the machine from being malfunctioned due to unexpected power reception.

2.2.5. Do not use a different kind of charger for your laptop

There is currently no universal charger that can be used for all laptop brands. Each type of laptop will have a separate charger cord so you should not use each other cross. Using the wrong charger will cause the laptop to have an electrical problem, a fire occurs because the power input does not suit your laptop. If it is lost or the cord is damaged, please go to the store to buy the charger properly.

2.2.6. Adjust the battery

How long will it take to charge the Asus laptop battery? When to adjust the battery? Adjusting the battery should be done every 2 months, you will use the laptop until the battery is less than 10%, shutdown and restart the computer after a few minutes, when the machine starts to boot, press f2 and select Bios mode, leave the battery empty until the power is turned off, conduct a full charge.

2.2.7. Clean the computer

Asus laptops are easy to pick up dust, especially in the keyboard area, you can use the dedicated toilet set for laptops, use a soft brush to wipe away dust or a blower to blow dust away. To keep the laptop durable, it needs to be cleaned for at least one year after the new purchase, cleaning the machine will help clean the dust in the fan slots, check the thermal paste, help the machine always clean, operate effectively. and safe ..

2.2.8. Keep the battery cool

A small note when storing and carrying a laptop is to keep the laptop safe, airy, not in tight, hot, humid places, etc have Pinned. A hot computer will quickly drain the battery, and the battery may be damaged.

2.2.9. Do not drain the battery often

A small note to protect the battery is always durable, do not let the battery run out often, regularly use the laptop until the battery runs out or turn off the new battery charger will cause the battery to quickly damage.

When using the device, you should pay attention to the battery capacity, when the battery is about 10% to 20%, you should conduct charging to recharge the battery.

Do not drain the battery often

Do not let Asus laptops run out of battery regularly to charge

3. Fix Asus laptop battery not charging error

When using a laptop you may encounter many problems related to charging, Mastering the ways to fix the laptop battery failure will not charge later will help you use the laptop more effectively.

3.1. Plug the battery charger into a wall outlet

When the laptop is not charging try to check that you have installed the battery in the right position, the power supply plugged firmly into the power outlet.

If the cord is firmly plugged into the wall socket and the laptop still cannot charge, try changing to another outlet. Alternatively, you can check the power by changing the outlet or using other electrical appliances to check.

3.2. Check the battery

To check if the laptop battery is broken, you can remove the battery from the laptop, plug the charger into the computer and proceed to open the power. If the laptop works normally after having power, then the possibility of your battery having a problem is very high. If you have an Asus laptop of the same type, try changing the battery to the other device to check, this is also very effective.

Check the battery

Laptops cannot charge, try checking the battery and charger cord

3.3. Check the charger cord

In many cases, the charger has an internal fault, short-circuited power inside that can make the laptop unable to charge the battery, to fix it, you can check the charger cord.

To check the charger, you need to unplug it from the power source, use it, bend it, swipe slowly along the length of the charger to check if the cord has broken inside. Besides, try checking if the charger has a short circuit by testing the smell has a burning smell.

3.4. Check the charging slot on the laptop

A problem with the laptop’s charging slot will also prevent the laptop from charging. If you plug the charger into the laptop’s charging slot and it feels loose, it’s likely that the motherboard has been damaged, try to see if the slot appears burnt or discolored.

3.5. The heat is too hot

You probably do not know, Laptop overheating will make the device can not charge the battery. Machine overheating can also cause problems such as fire, battery alarm even though the charger is just plugged in.

To fix the problem, you need to keep the machine cool, equipped with a cooling fan. Do not use the laptop in hot, dry places, clean the laptop regularly to keep the ventilation open.

3.6. Software testing

After checking the battery, charger cord, … then you should check the software to see if there is a problem causing the battery of Asus laptop battery is not fully charged or cannot be charged. If you use a Windows operating system: Select Control Panel, select Power Options.

Then, click Plan settings to check the settings such as a battery. Many battery settings can cause problems, set the battery level low at a too high rate, and the computer turns itself off when the battery capacity gets too low.

3.7. Update drivers

Your laptop using Windows operating system: Choose Control Panel, Device Manager options. Go to Batterie, you will see one for the charger, one for the battery, and one item is “Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery”. First, open each item, the Properties window will appear.

At the bottom of the Driver tab, click Update Driver. Then, reboot the device and try charging the battery. If the battery still cannot be charged, remove the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, then restart the device.

3.8. Replace the battery and charger cord

After checking, if you find the laptop has a broken battery or charger, you need to quickly replace it. We should go to reputable addresses to buy genuine computer accessories, laptops, the right type, to ensure safety when used.

The battery is a very important part of a laptop. Therefore, it is very important to understand and know how long the Asus laptop battery is charged and how to charge it. In order for the laptop to work stably, beautifully and safely, you need to pay attention to how to charge the battery properly.