How to Buy From Aliexpress 2020 to be Have a Good product, Fast and Safe

We live in a flat world, all geographic obstacles are no more thanks to the Internet, which not only makes the entire 7.56 billion people on earth closer than ever: Can see, Talk almost immediately.

This is even more amazing when it comes to product ownership or shopping around the world. If you used only to buy things locally or in your country, you could buy them all over the world.

We can see that the two economic empires, as well as online sales, are the US and China, the goods in the US, although the quality, but the price issue is always an obstacle because not all of us can buy products. In the US, Amazon, Amazon currently only sells in 17 major countries around the world.

However, another great thing from China, it can be said that this is the world’s factory, you can buy anything to serve human needs here, another great thing is that AliExpress sells more. Two hundred countries and territories and the price are meager, and the goods are both quality and poor quality, you must know how to choose.

 This site has millions of things in this world (phones, photography accessories, video, batteries, chargers …). With the advantage of outsourcing, the price is meager and ships all over the world. Works similar to Amazon of America.

Here the AllReviews4U team will detail the shopping to how you can buy the products you want, right products, low prices to best meet your needs and safety for you in all aspects.

How to Buy From Aliexpress 2019 to be Have a Good product, Fast and Safe


First, invite you to find out briefly about Aliexpress.

1. What is Aliexpress? are among China’s most popular e-commerce websites. Billionaire Jack Ma founds them. With the advantage of processing goods at home, the price here should be said to be quite cheap. Specially aimed at the international market, so of course, they also ship worldwide.

The point you like about Aliexpress is that the goods are incredibly diverse. Here they offer millions of different products. And the best is many freeship shops around the world.

2. Prepare what you can buy at

To be able to purchase goods and equipment at the Aliexpress web, you only need to prepare the following:

  • Email address for creating an account
  • Address to receive goods
  • International payment card: Visa, MasterCard have money on the map. If you do not have

3. Instructions on how to buy at the Aliexpress page:

3.1. Create Account:

First, you need to visit the Aliexpress website. Click the Join Free button to start creating accounts.

After entering your email, name, and password. Enter the security code, then click Create Your Account. So you already have an account to be able to start shopping already.

Depending on each promotion period, you may have a gift or not. Like when you create an account, get a gift voucher of 4 USD from Aliexpress. This coupon automatically applies to orders, very simple, and easy to use. See instructions on how to get $ 4 for free in section 4 below.

Sign up for an Aliexpress account here

3.2. Select products to buy:

Proceed shopping as eCommerce sites around the world. But when choosing the product to purchase, note the color, size, and quantity. You want the correct way to avoid receiving unwanted goods.

This website is very well available in your local language if you are visiting from all over the world, you can change the style quickly in the upper right corner. In English, click Add to Cart.

To save money, look for shops that support freeship products around the world.

If you want to continue shopping, click Continue Shopping. Want to move to the payment step, you click View Shopping Cart.

In your cart, you can add or remove products. Where you add many products from many different shops to the basket but want to buy from a shop, then click Buy from this seller.

Buy all products in the cart, click Buy All.

3.3 Enter the receiving address:

Here we, for example, a country near China is Vietnam, a member of AllReviews4U will help you have a visual look.

The next step is to enter your address for Aliexpress delivery to:

  • Contact Name: enter your first and last name
  • Country / Region: select Vietnam
  • Street Address: shipping address
  • City: city
  • State / Province / Region: province
  • Zip / Postal code: Lookup Google postcode (in HCM it is 700000, Hanoi is 100,000)
  • Mobile: the default has +84 (instead of the first 0 of the phone number), you only enter the remaining numbers.
  • Check set as default to make the default shipping address, and next time do not need to enter again.

Ex: House number 25, lane 300, Cau Giay Hanoi => No 25, 300 lanes, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi

You can look up the code in the cities of your country at

3.4. Enter Visa card information to pay:

In the Payment method, enter the payment information of the Visa or Master Card:

  • Card number: a sequence of numbers on the front of the card
  • Expiry date: expiry date of the card (in mm / yy format – month/year)
  • Security code: 3 secret numbers located on the back of the card
  • Cardholder name: the name of the cardholder
  • Save this card: check-in will save card information, next time you do not need to enter again
  • After entering you, press Confirm & Pay to complete the payment process


If you do not have a Visa card, you can apply for an online card very quickly at the major banks of your country.

Aliexpress will automatically apply the given USD 4 coupon. If you do not want to use, then uncheck Apply Aliexpress Coupon. Because you have used for previous orders, it does not show up in the picture.

How to get 4 USD? Please see the instructions below!

3.5. Check the bill of lading:

Want to check the bill of lading, you go to My Aliexpress / My Orders/click Track Order (at the menu you wish to check). Your package information will be displayed as below.

The beauty of Aliexpress is that though freeship. You can still know the status of your order. On many other websites, freeship orders are mostly shipped with cheap service, and it is entirely impossible to see where the goods have gone.

3.6. Receive:

Although when placing an order we will be informed that the item will arrive in 21-39 days. But, after less than 20 days, you have received your package. Your goods are delivered to your home.

3.6. Confirm receipt and feedback on shop sales:

After the item has been delivered, you will receive an email from Aliexpress. Notice delivery has completed, you confirm.

Also in the order management page will appear to Leave Feedback button so you can review the product you have just purchased. If you do not like giving feedback, you can also ignore it.

4. How to get 4 USD AliExpress when creating an account:

Getting a $ 4 discount coupon for the first time is easy. For new customers, they often receive a popup of $ 4 immediately. However, there is still a sure way to get this good coupon. Just click on the link below, go straight to the promotion page.

Go to this link and get a discount code of 4 USD immediately

Then click CLICK TO WIN COUPONS, proceed to create an account. Go to My Aliexpress / My coupons and see that you have received 4 USD.

This code automatically applies to orders always, very convenient.

5. How do you pay on AliExpress?

AliExpress accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, so the easiest way to pay using this method is to get one from your local bank, or find a prepaid one. Another payment method is Alipay which is a bit like PayPal, and you may still need a debit or credit card to fund your account.

The Aliexpress website accepts many different payment methods. But familiar and comfortable to create accounts, you can use:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • WebMoney
  • Paypal

6. Is buying on aliexpress guaranteed?

To protect your customers, it is safe to buy on Aliexpress. They offer protectionist policies that help us always keep your rights:

Full refund if you do not receive the product ordered. 100% refund or partial refund. If accepted, the product is not the same as the seller’s description.

What do you do when you are not satisfied with the product?

  • When you feel dissatisfied with a product or shop, you can proceed as follows
  • Contact the seller to reflect the delivery is slow or not as described.
  • If you can’t agree with the seller, you can open a dispute. To request a refund.
  • The final measure is to ask Aliexpress to mediate for arbitration.

7. Tips for making buy on safely:

Buying on is the same as buying on Lazada (a unit of Alibaba Southeast Asia). On the trading floor, there are also many shops. But you need to have some necessary skills to identify reputable shops that buy.

Choose the shop for a long time, high reputation. By looking at the line above the product page, there is a complete listing: shop name – uptime – level -% positive feedback.

See user reviews about the product you are about to buy.

See how many people bought that product

Preferably the shops take selfies and post real photos of the products. Do not rely on glitter pictures.

From high to low: Crown> Diamond> Medals. Best to buy from diamond shop upwards. When you have a lot of experience, you should research the medal shops.

8. Import duties and charges when buying AliExpress:

When buying Aliexpress, you need to know you have to pay the following costs:

  • If you purchase an order of less than US $ 50, you will be exempted from taxes and mail delivery to the door.
  • When you buy more than 50 USD, you will be charged import duties and 10% VAT, depending on the item will be subject to different tax rates.
  • Electronics: phones, laptops, computers 0% import tax
  • 20% import duty clothes
  • Shoe import tax of 30%

To be sure of the current tax rates, you should refer to the customs website around the world in your country. Besides, there will be an inspection fee of approximately: US $ 0.25 / package.

Your order of less than 1 million should be delivered to your home. Postal staff on delivery will only charge additional customs inspection fees. You don’t have to go and close, very convenient.

This item checking fee you see is collected, sometimes not. It is unclear if this is related to the category of goods.

9. What are the advantages of buying on Aliexpress?

Rich source of goods

Here you can find any source of goods you need from fashion bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, to electronic items, children’s toys, construction materials. … The site is home to nearly 50 industries with over 5,000 categories of products. Therefore, you can freely order goods on aliexpress.

Quality of goods is guaranteed

Business units and businesses that register for the store on aliexpress must go through the criteria of product quality review to minimize the business units of substandard goods if you have experienced ordering on aliexpress, you will know how to choose quality products.

Free ship policy

You will only find on the Aliexpress freeship policy website when ordering. As mentioned above, this is a website specializing in selling goods to foreigners, so the regimes and policies when buying on aliexpress you will be supported most convenient.

There are two forms of shipping Chinese goods around the world, the fee-free and versatile styles. If you use the freeship form, your return time will be quite long. Therefore, if you need fast delivery to serve your business needs, you should choose the type of shipping with a fee.

Secure payment

When you make a purchase on aliexpress and make a payment, your money will be saved in the center, not delivered immediately to the seller. After you receive the goods and confirm the products are by the requirements, then your money will be transferred to the seller by the system to ensure the best interests of customers.

Above are the outstanding advantages when you buy on aliexpress, if you have any need to order on aliexpress or ship goods from China to your home, please contact us for advice and use. Best service, most professional.

10. How to keep Visa card secure when buying AliExpress:

Buying on Aliexpress is of course wholly assured when using a Visa card. Because this is a big website, sold globally, of course, the security is of course high. However, to protect yourself safe online transactions. Then you need to remember the following:

  • Do not put large amounts of money on Visa cards for overseas purchases. Load just enough to use. You put in the map no more than 5 million. Or enough to buy the item you need.
  • Use the virtual keyboard (On-Screen Keyboard) on the computer when entering payment information.
  • No access to external websites, black websites. Do not press the spam links on facebook, email.
  • When holding a card to make transactions (withdraw money at an ATM, for example), do not let other people see the information on the map. Because on the Visa card already contains all the information for the transaction. As long as you know it, anyone can use your card.
  • Do not lend your card, do not hand it over to another person who obscures your view.
  • Only buy online at reputable sales websites.

11. Frequently Asked Questions when buying AliExpress:

Is it safe to buy on AliExpress?

When shopping online, the first thing a consumer wants to know is that the site they are shopping on is scam-free. Although it’s impossible, when dealing with consumer to consumer sales, to guarantee 100% satisfaction, the short answer to this question is, yes, AliExpress is safe

Can I buy wholesale from AliExpress?

With Alibaba you’re dealing with manufacturers selling products in large quantities but with Aliexpress you have branded products that you can purchase in single quantities for a slightly higher price. Aliexpress is the retail to Alibaba’s wholesale.

Can we pay cash on delivery in AliExpress?

INTRODUCING CASH ON DELIVERY. INTRODUCING CASH ON DELIVERYWe’ve got good news – Cash On Delivery (COD) is coming to Saudi Arabia & UAE! With COD you can pay with cash at your door for your online orders.

Is it safe to buy from AliExpress with debit card?

The short answer is YES it is safe to use your debit and credit card on Aliexpress. Since Aliexpress was conceived in 2010 they have made millions of sales and have massively improved when it comes to customer satisfaction and buyer safety.

Can AliExpress be trusted?

Aliexpress actually gives a lot of great deal, but you cannot trust every seller on this platform. You should do your own investigation of the seller store before transacting with them. You have to be very cautious when transacting with sellers that doesn’t have a good detailed seller rating

What’s the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress?

In a broad sense, Alibaba is an online B2B trading platform for manufacturers or trading companies while AliExpress is an online retail platform offering products to international small buyers. To be specific, the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress can be divided into the following aspects

How long does it take for AliExpress to deliver?

15-45 days

Typically, online stores deliver your orders in about 7-14 days, while with AliExpress shipping time mostly takes 15-45 days

Which is better DHGate vs Alibaba, Aliexpress?

DhGate is similar marketplace like Aliexpress and Alibaba, but with one major difference. … DHGate kind of in simple form is basically China’s eBay it’s where you can go and actually instead of purchasing products in bulk. You can actually order them in quantities of one

Do I need Alipay for AliExpress?

In order to use AliPay you might need a credit or debit card. Card are added to your Alipay account which are then used for payment at AliExpress.

Can I use rupay card in AliExpress?

Payments for orders on Aliexpress are processed using Alipay. NPCI processes overseas payment done using Rupay via Discover/Diners Club platform which is not currently supported on Alipay/Aliexpress. More overall Rupay cards are not meant for overseas payments.

How do I pay with my debit card on AliExpress?

AliExpress accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, so the easiest way to pay using this method is to get one from your local bank, or find a prepaid one. Another payment method is Alipay which is a bit like PayPal, you may still need a debit or credit card in order to fund your account.

Can I use PayPal on AliExpress?

You cannot officially used PayPal when buying or selling products from AliExpress. The only way to use PayPal on AliExpress is if you contact the seller directly, request a receipt outside AliExpress, and pay through your PayPal account. There aren’t many sellers who will be willing to receive payment through PayPal.

Updated 2019: Now You Can!

How do I get AliExpress coupons?

Coupon Section on AliExpress Website

Go to the page where all coupons are stored – You can select the category of the product and get to the seller’s page with all the coupons that they offer.

Can I pay with Payoneer on AliExpress?

What is the fee that Payoneer takes when I buy from AliExpress? However, you can pay your order on AliExpress via following payment methods: … Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, QIWI, Boleto, bancontact, iDeal, Przelewy24, SMS Payment in Russia (MTC, MegaFon, Beeline, TELE2) and AliExpress Pocket.

Which is cheaper Alibaba and aliexpress?

Alibaba Wholesale is the middle ground between the two. While still operating on a wholesale model, the minimum order requirements are lower than Alibaba, but higher than Aliexpress – and the prices are higher than Alibaba, but less than Aliexpress. … One is the predicted retail price and the “High Profit Margin” marker.

Is aliexpress a vendor?

Aliexpress. Because it caters largely to retail buyers, AliExpress doesn’t have as many manufacturers on it. Instead, you’ll find a lot of trading companies and smaller distributors. While you won’t get as cheap rates as on Alibaba, you won’t have to order large MOQs either.

Can I sell on AliExpress?

This helps small businesses sell products to customers around the world and can find almost anything that can be sold. … The retailer on AliExpress may be a company or an individual. AliExpress is different from Amazon because it is just a good e-commerce system and does not sell products directly to customers.

Can we buy from AliExpress in Pakistan?

AliExpress, owned by the AliBaba Group, is one of the world’s largest online stores. … Over the last two years, AliExpress has become increasingly popular in Pakistan. The prices are low and for most of the products you don’t have to pay any kind of tax or custom duties, since they’re sent marked as “gifts”

What are the payment options for AliExpress?

Payment Methods on AliExpress

AliExpress offers many different payment methods to choose from. 1. On our app you can use the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, QIWI, Boleto, bancontact, iDeal, Przelewy24, SMS Payment in Russia (MTC, MegaFon, Beeline, TELE2) and AliExpress Pocket.

Can I pay with Skrill on AliExpress?

If you want to purchase any product online and get delivery at your home, is one of the popular website which accepts Skrill payment and supports Bangladesh as Shipping Address. … Just create an account at and place your orders.

Are products on AliExpress genuine?

Sourcing Products on AliExpress

Searching for dropshipping products on AliExpress is simple. … It’s also important that you avoid sourcing counterfeit goods from AliExpress. The term ‘counterfeit’ refers to goods which are fake, but have been made to deliberately resemble genuine products.

Do we have to pay customs for AliExpress?

Based on experience, there is only a 0.3% tariff probability for the parcels sent by AliExpress Agent. In most cases, there is no problem that your parcel goes through the Customs. However, if your parcel is subjected under Customs detention, you should be ready to pay for extra fee to get your parcel.

Where does AliExpress get their products from?

Unlike Amazon, the majority of merchants selling products on AliExpress are based in China and source all of their merchandise directly from Chinese manufacturers

What’s better than AliExpress?

DHGate has almost the same products as AliExpress. So you can use it when: The price on AliExpress is higher. No seller is selling your desired product on AliExpress.

How does AliExpress deliver?

After packing their products, sellers deliver them to the AliExpress Shipment Center. AliExpress staff, at the shipment center, focus on checking and delivering the product via their own service. … Mostly, buyers do not have to pay for their products to be shipped via the AliExpress standard shipping

How many coupons can you use on AliExpress?

You can use one AliExpress coupon per order stacked with other sellers’ coupons.

Does AliExpress accept Applepay?

No, AliExpress does not currently accept Apple Pay. You can find additional information on their website here.

Which is cheaper Alibaba and AliExpress?

Alibaba Wholesale is the middle ground between the two. While still operating on a wholesale model, the minimum order requirements are lower than Alibaba, but higher than Aliexpress – and the prices are higher than Alibaba, but less than Aliexpress. 

How to cancel order aliexpress?

To cancel the order, go to the My Orders section of your AliExpress personal account. Click the “Cancel Order” button next to the necessary order. You will get to the order page and will have to click the Request Order Cancellation button. Then choose the reason for cancellation.


Wish you buy the right product on AliExpress:

With the above knowledge, the AllReviews4U team hopes to help you have an overview of shopping at the world’s largest trading platform.

If you find the article useful, please help us share so people around the world can buy the right products, cheap quality, and safety for themselves. Thank you for being here! Have a beautiful day, and buy the product you want!

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