How often should i use skin serum? How Long After Applying Lotion?

Is using Serum good for the skin? This is a question many women are interested in because it directly affects the effects when you use our Serum products.

First of all, Serum is a special intensive skincare product, with vitamins and minerals, along with tiny particles, the Serum can penetrate deeply into the skin, care, nourish and regenerate. skin cells.

Is using serum really good for the skin?

And especially with our Serum products, use with the skin 10 times more than other conventional products. Your skin will be optimally protected, skin cells will be carefully cared for and regenerated.

And with this perfection, you’ll never have to worry about acne being able to attack your skin. And so, with the components and utilities that bring the product, you can feel secure using Serum without having to think twice.

Use Serum Several Times A Day?

When you have been answered about the use of Serum, how many times do you use this product during the day and which time is most appropriate? With Serum skincare products, you will have two cycles to choose from. That’s when you use this product for makeup or skincare purposes.

If you wear makeup, you should use it in the morning, after cleansing with a facial cleanser, moisturizing with rose water, you apply Serum to your face and then conduct makeup as you like.

The use of Serum before makeup helps to tighten pores, your skin will be protected in the best way, without oily phenomenon and especially will keep the shine and charm.

How many times should the serum be used in a day?

And if you use Serum to nourish it, you should use it in the evening, this helps remove freckles, anti-aging skin, remove wrinkles, remove dark spots that make your skin dry. assembly.

When you use it in the evening, it is time for the New Year to begin removing toxins after a day of traveling around the street. At this time, Serum will help your skin eliminate toxins quickly and effectively. You will have a fair complexion without worrying about acne or other harmful factors.

One thing to note, if you have sensitive skin and have acne, you should only use it in the evening. This will bring the best effect on your skin. So, pay close attention to the methods used to get the best results.


How Long After Applying The Cream Is The Serum

The best advice for you is to use creams with clear origins and compatible ingredients so that when combined with serums will work best. Also, check the composition of the serum to ensure skin safety during use.

Hopefully, the above information has partly answered your questions about Serum products: is it good to use Serum; Use several times a day and especially after applying serum after applying lotion.

The useful information that will bring you the most useful reference when using skincare products Serum. You will have a bright and attractive white skin, you will be confident when appearing in front of a crowd and especially you will no longer worry about acne, freckles, aging …


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