The fastest way to lose weight safely and effectively at home

Losing weight is always the essential need of many people, especially for women. The following safe and effective ways to lose weight quickly will help you quickly regain your slim body and best body shape.

Drink a lot of water

Many scientific experts have verified drinking lots of water for its effects. Drinking plenty of water every day helps the body speed up the water exchange process, flushes out waste products, enhances the body’s activities, and enables you to reduce cravings. Besides, drinking lots of water makes your skin more healthy, bright, and bright every day.

To support the best weight loss process, you should drink 2 liters of water daily. Especially before meals, you should drink 1 cup of water or a bowl of soup to eat less and increase the likelihood of weight loss by 44%.

Do not skip breakfast.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals for the body. Diet weight loss does not mean neglecting breakfast, according to many studies of the weight loss magazine in the US, breakfast helps provide energy for daily activities and maintain the ideal weight and stability.

To support the fastest weight loss process, you can supplement your breakfast with foods such as boiled eggs, sweet potatoes to increase the feeling of fullness but still full of nutrients to help you work all day without getting tired. Tired.

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Drink black coffee

Drinking a cup of black coffee every morning will boost our spirits. According to research by Harvard University, every day, you should only use 500-600mg of caffeine equivalent to 4 cups of coffee will not cause side effects.

Especially caffeine in coffee promotes fat burning in the body, helps diuretics, and eliminates toxins. To lose weight most effectively, you should drink coffee when it is hot, and no added sugar because sugar interferes with the fat breakdown, making you thicker.

A cup of unsweetened black coffee brings excitement to the day, reducing the desire for sufficient appetite

Drink green tea

Green tea is a food that helps support the weight loss process very effectively. In green tea contains lots of antioxidants and the content of Caffeine and Epigallocatechin gallate helps the body burn fat excess quickly and effectively.

You should brake the tea before brewing or combine other ingredients such as lemon, honey to enhance the delicious taste when drinking. In particular, drinking tea at the right time will help you lose weight safely and beneficial to the body. The best time to drink in the morning is to replenish water and reduce the absorption of fat from the food.

Drinking green tea is very good for people who are losing weight, cholesterol, or cholesterol.

Use coconut oil for cooking.

Coconut oil is known as the beauty elixir of women, but coconut oil also plays a role in supporting the process of losing weight more effectively. Coconut oil contains high levels of special fats to help boost metabolism and reduce cravings.

In addition to drinking coconut oil, you should use coconut oil for cooking instead of conventional fuels. Besides, combined with exercise will help you fight disease, improve physique, and bring a healthy body.

Eat lots of tomatoes, legumes.

Tomatoes are not only good for health and beauty but also support fast weight loss. Vegetables contain a large number of vitamins and minerals such as 9-oxo-ODA that reduce blood fat, reduce excess fat in the abdomen, hips, back, arms … Let’s add tomatoes to the menu to lose weight. Day offline. You can process a variety of vegetables into different dishes such as salads, smoothies, juices …

Legumes contain lots of fiber to support the process of fat loss in the abdomen and thighs quickly. Eating a variety of plants will help you feel full longer and provide enough energy for all-day activities without making your body bloated. You can make many delicious dishes such as soups, soups, boiled, salads, but limit the cooking of tea because of sugar, and you will add fat and gain more weight.

Regular consumption of tomatoes or legumes not only helps you lose weight fast but also looks beautiful.

Limit sugar intake

Sugar can provide you with pure energy, but sugar does not contain the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed to maintain all the internal organs. If you eat a lot, you are at risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and many other conditions.

So to lose weight the fastest, you should cut down on sugar from the daily menu.

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits are indispensable foods in daily meals. According to many studies, nuts are high in vitamins and nutrients that are good for health and beauty. Also, vegetables and plants contain more fiber, water, and less energy to make you feel full longer to help combat hunger, effectively release excess fat.

Losing weight by eating fruits and vegetables is one of the essential tips. You should choose vegetables and fruits that support the best weight loss process, such as cruciferous vegetables, pear, pineapple, cucumber, lemon, apple … increase satiety and control weight. Can process these foods in many different ways such as Salad, Smoothie, Boiled, … limited fried, fried with grease.

Note that you should not use vegetables or fruit instead throughout meals. Alternatively, you should combine a diet and exercise harmoniously.

Eat less carbohydrate

Refined carbohydrates or sugars contain quite a lot of the sugar content or grains that have been closely watched to provide the most fiber and nutrients (like white bread or pasta).

Many studies have shown that refined carbohydrates cause high blood sugar levels leading to cravings, thereby stimulating the intake of more food into the body, causing obesity. So to lose weight effectively, you should consider eating high-fiber foods with low starch such as sweet potatoes, oats, and brown rice to achieve the desired body shape.

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Eat protein-rich foods

Protein or Protein is one of the essential components that help maintain the body’s cell activity. Protein not only plays a role in cell production but also has a significant impact on fat percentage. The intake of large amounts of protein helps the body to consume more energy-burning calories to convert into protein to increase muscle to help lose weight to stay in shape.

Just need to add a sufficient amount of protein-rich foods such as chicken breast, eggs, salmon, oats, soybeans … that you have loaded into the body with a small amount of protein to keep the body healthy — even safe weight loss.

Sufficient protein intake helps provide necessary nutrients to support energy metabolism.

Eat on the Eat-Clean Diet.

The Eat Clean diet is known as a clean diet, meaning you use foods that have not been too much processed to retain the natural nature. Eat Clean not only brings many health benefits but also helps promote fast weight loss process.

There have been many practical examples when applying this diet has lost 2-3 times more weight than a healthy low-fat diet while ensuring your health.

Use smaller eating dishes.

This method may seem strange to many people, but it has been scientifically proven that using smaller, regular dishes helps you cut back on your food intake automatically. From there, reducing the calories supports weight loss quickly.

Control portion and calorie intake

Controlling your diet by quantifying, keeping a diary, and taking photos of your meals every day will help you increase your awareness of what you eat.

Dietary control has been shown in many cases of fat loss, demonstrating a significant reduction in weight after a period of application. Plan yourself and carefully record your daily diet to keep track of you!

Say no to carbonated soft drinks with soda.

The use of high sugar foods in carbonated soft drinks or soda is the leading cause of overweight and obesity. Although carbonated soft drinks are a favorite drink of many people, when consumed in large amounts will cause many health risks related to cardiovascular disease, blood fat … So, to lose weight healthily boldly put away any fizzy drinks or soda on your daily menu.
Drinking lots of soft drinks will not be suitable for health, causing obesity.

Keep healthy food around you.

Healthy foods are foods that are high in low-carb fiber that provide energy for the body. Some suggested snacks you can prepare to enter the body when hungry, such as boiled eggs, fresh fruits, nuts, or unsweetened yogurt …

Brush your teeth after dinner

This is probably the daily routine of every person, brushing their teeth after dinner helps protect teeth, prevent some health problems. Brushing your teeth after dinner and before bed creates a sense of comfort and limits snacking at night, cutting back on calories so that you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Chew thoroughly

“Chewing carefully for a long time” is an idiom that has been around for many years, demonstrating the benefits of eating slowly. Eating slowly chewing thoroughly helps you feel less hungry than people who eat food. Besides, when you eat slowly chew carefully, you drink more water so you can fill yourself up, the food will be crushed and digested more thoroughly.

Dr. Yamaji said, “When people eat fast, they will not feel full, and like that, they may overheat. Eating fast causes glucose to rise abnormally and can lead to insulin resistance. ” So to support weight loss, you should eat slowly chew more carefully!
Chew carefully to taste the delicious food and keep you fuller longer.

Moderation sleep

Not only diet or exercise can help you lose weight, but also good sleep habits are also closely linked to staying in shape. Research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who slept 7-8 hours a night were 20% more likely to burn calories than those who lacked sleep. Moreover, getting enough sleep helps you feel refreshed, improves the efficiency of exercise to promote the reduction of muscle fat.


Aerobic is an exercise that many people choose to have a slim body. Aerobic exercises to help the organization move smoothly, fast movement movements continuously impact the muscles, arms, legs, and hips to help burn calories, reduce body fat, pink skin moat, smooth.


The gym is a combination of sports that do not require intensive skills but include many simple movements connected to exercises. With gym exercises, the whole body participates in activities from which the excess fat will burn safely and quickly.

To exercise quickly lose weight to maintain your physique, you need to pay attention to regularly apply exercises in different parts so that the process of weight loss takes place evenly to help the body fit, combine diet. and proper rest will bring unexpected effects. Research shows that exercising helps to keep metabolism in the body at a high level as well as is beneficial for muscle maintenance.
Exercise not only helps to increase fitness but also benefit weight loss.

Practice cardio

Cardio is a combination of exercises that help the body increase and control the heart rate, helping to promote blood circulation, thereby increasing efficient metabolism of fat burning excess throughout the body. Besides, Cardio helps you reduce stress, increase physical, and improve heart health. Before the unexpected benefits Cardio exercises bring, you practice 4-5 sessions/week to lose weight most effectively!


Jogging is one of the ways to lose weight quickly to burn fat and increase fitness. So, try to run at least 3-4 sessions a week for a slim body and enduring health. Jogging correctly you will have a balanced and lean physique


Cycling is a simple weight loss exercise suitable for people of all ages, bringing positive effects to physique and health. Your waistline will quickly improve if cycling correctly. This is a recreational sport that enhances skin beauty and muscle tone. So you burn 500-1,000 calories per hour by cycling fast.
Cycling helps you relax and support weight loss quickly.

Squat practice

The squat is a weight loss exercise that needs the rhythmic coordination of many parts from the thighs, leg muscles, buttocks, stomach to burn fat to get slimmer and toned. Daily Squat exercise is perfect for bones and joints, strength, and physical activity. Each use costs you a lot of energy so do 3-5 rounds a day, each session with a frequency of 20-30 times.

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