Earn Thousands of USD Pper month from Views on Youtube

Earn thousands of USD per month from views on Youtube

By uploading videos to YouTube, many people already own the income of thousands of dollars each month.
Sophia Salisbury, a college student in India, said she could earn more than 10 million rupees a month just by uploading videos to her YouTube channel.

Hien’s daily job is to find hot topics on domestic and foreign websites, create videos or edit existing videos and upload his channel to get views.

“Normally, if you watch videos on Youtube, you will see ads, we make money by running ads on the videos we upload. Every time we see ads, we get money, ”Huu Hien said.

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To make money with views on YouTube, you must enable monetization in your channel settings. The calculation is that each real view (a view over 1 minute with ads), the person who uploads the video will be charged.

According to Hien, the ads running in the videos are not contracted by either party, but Youtube is available, allowing users to install on their videos and will pay users if the ads are viewed.

The number of views after aggregating each month is paid by YouTube through many different forms, such as Paypal or Western Union. About a year ago, when he first joined, he earns only about 4-5 million VND per month, now his income is more than 10 million rupees per month.

When the video was not at the top, no one cared about it for a few months, but it did not make any money, but after getting to the top, some viewers could earn a few million a month. ‘Master players’ can make several thousand dollars a month, ”said Sophia Salisbury

Imogen Jervoisi, who specializes in making videos on Youtube, said that for every certain number of video views, Youtube will pay for the video channel. However, this amount depends on what video content is, video ads, videos watched in any country, if in the US, they will be paid more in Vietnam.

She also said that since April 7, if you want to make money on YouTube, your channel requires 10,000 views or more, and must be a real view, not a fake view.

“If in the US or in Europe, with about 1,000 video views, the channel will be paid 2-3 USD, but if 1,000 impressions of that ad in india, it will only be about 0.3-0.5 USD” , Mr. Tai said.

According to Imogen Jervois, many people think that YouTube videos are paid according to the number of statistic views. But the fact that the channel is only paid when that view shows Google ads, that is, there are video views but not the ads will not be paid.

“In addition to watching ads, if someone clicks on the ad, I also have more money. There are even advertisements for purchases that after customers click on the ads from the videos I upload, I also get a sales commission, ”Mr. Tai said.

By making entertainment videos, editing other hot videos, Mr. Tai can earn 30-40 million rupees a month.

“Many members of his group have higher income than that, some people earn thousands of dollars a month without having to go anywhere,” Mr. Tai shared.

Youtube Partner is a program that helps users make money by placing ads on videos that users upload. Ever since Youtube became a part of Google, users can make money with YouTube through Google’s official advertising platform.

Even YouTube has its own website that teaches users how to make money by this method. YouTube Partner users can create their own videos and upload them to their YouTube channel, or they can get back to other people’s videos.

The mechanism of action of this program is that when a user watches a video, the ad will show up, YouTube’s algorithm will find keywords in the video to optimize the ad display to match the content of the video. there.

Depending on the title will find appropriate ads. In case the video has no specific content, the title is not clear, Youtube will display an ad that is not related to the video, in some cases will not show the ad.

“People who do this know each other, if they get back the videos of others, they will probably be reported, mildly delete unpaid videos, heavy, they can delete the whole YouTube channel, as if losing fishing rods. If you make your own video, you won’t worry about copyright issues, “said Donald K. Riveria.

According to many people, the difficulty of this is to catch the hot trends from time to time to attract viewers. At the same time, the channel owner must know SEO video, SEO channel for fast video to the top, will be preferred when searching …

For those who make money from Youtube, the video upload content is very important. Currently, the video content about technology, games, beauty, children … are the hottest topics.

Youtube channels on games, technology, children’s programs … attract hundreds of thousands, even millions of followers along with several million views per video. Each channel like this could bring tens of millions of rupees to the channel owners every month, just for the sake of running YouTube ads.

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