Buying a handheld vacuum cleaner should care about what factors?

If your family has a large vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt on the floor in the ceiling of the living room or where there is a large space, then you still need a small vacuum cleaner. Compact, portable and always in every corner of your house.

You can use this handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the door slot, slot cabinet behind the TV or any small space, of course, these machines are perfectly suitable for cleaning dust on cars.

The narrow, dusty nooks and crannies that are hard to clean are the places where billions of bacteria thrive in them, which are pathogens that affect the health of you and your family.

Therefore, cleaning the nooks and crannies of narrow spaces is essential and a handheld vacuum cleaner is an equipment you should equip yourself and your family to use.

1. Is The Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Good?

1.1. What is a handheld vacuum cleaner?

The handheld vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum that is easy to hold, compact design to clean the tight areas, corner slots that vacuum cleaners often difficult to move. You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean tables and chairs, vacuum up food scraps, cupboards, car furniture … simple and easy.

Compact, portable vacuum cleaner to clean all corners

1.2. Feature

Handheld vacuum cleaners are capable of fixing small problems that occur in your daily life such as dirt on carpets, furniture, bed sheets or crumbs falling. In addition, this product is suitable for outdoor camping tents, it will solve problems related to dirt quickly.

1.3. Wattage

Handheld vacuum cleaner so low power, the highest type about 800W, there are some types of power more than 1000W but less.

1.4. Capacity

The dust chamber capacity of this device is about 0.8 liters.

1.5. How to use a handheld vacuum cleaner

When deciding whether to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner, pay attention to how to use the product very carefully. Each machine has detailed instructions on how to use the vacuum cleaner, due to the simple, neat structure, follow the basics:

Carefully check the parts of the machine for any problems, whether the power cord is leaking, is the battery fully charged … prepare all the accessories that come with it to operate it. Be careful not to turn on the device when your hands are wet to avoid electric shock.

The correct way to use it is that you need to suck the right suction rule from top to bottom, from the inside out, thus completely removing dirt.

After finishing cleaning, please turn off the machine, wind the wire, clean the dust chamber. Clean vacuum cleaners, accessories and store the device in a cool, dry place for later use.

1.6. How to clean the handheld vacuum cleaner

In order for the vacuum cleaner to work more smoothly, you need to clean the dirt inside, which also helps to extend the product life, save electricity. Check the surface of the machine, wipe off any dusty specks of dust, and check the power cord and plug to make sure it is safe from cracks, breaks or openings. For filters, dust filter bags after each use, you should empty the garbage to avoid clogging pipes that easily obstruct the dust collector.

1.7. How much does a vacuum cleaner cost?

This is a wonder that many people lift up and down when learning about this product. Depending on the capacity, battery capacity, durability, the price of handheld vacuum cleaner ranges from a few hundred to more than 1 million, you absolutely can invest.

The pros and cons of handheld vacuum cleaners should be noted


2. Should I Buy A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

Households owning a vacuum cleaner to help clean up useful houses is no longer a luxury, but whether to buy a vacuum cleaner or not is a problem for many people. Therefore, learn the pros and cons of this product for your convenience.

2.1. Advantages, reasons to buy

Compact design, weight is not large, so when moving the device more flexible without heavy lifting. The dust compartment of the machine is about 0.8 liter so you use it without effort and time.

The cleaning process is quick and uninterrupted because you do not spend hours moving back and forth between suction locations. Older people, young children can also use this type of device (note remind the baby carefully if the machine uses electricity).

Cleaning narrow spaces, every nook and cranny in your house such as door slots, slot tables, sopha chairs, blankets, cushions, closets … If you have animals like dogs and cats, a handheld vacuum cleaner is useful for suck the feathers coming out of them! Micro smart filter helps to clean, disassemble quickly, remove dust quickly up to 99%.

Quiet operation without worrying about noise: Evaluate whether the handheld vacuum cleaner is good or not through the operation. Because of the small capacity, if the machine runs smoothly and low noise proves that the machine is good, you can feel secure to use it.

Reasonable “soft” price: The price of this product is not too high, fluctuating below 2 million VND, so it is suitable for many customers. Diverse designs, eye-catching, high bearing capacity are the plus points for handheld vacuum cleaners.

Good for the health of the whole family: If you are not sure why buying a handheld vacuum cleaner will affect your health, the reason is that there are many clouds of dust in the house, which can make you and your children suffer from respiratory diseases The most interesting is in hard-to-clean places. If a vacuum cleaner is available, it will quickly pick up dust and dirt without sending them flying into the air.

Compact, portable handheld vacuum cleaner

2.2. Disadvantages to consider

The suction power of the handheld vacuum cleaner is not high only about 15W-20W so the efficiency is only average, the suction power is not strong. The dust compartment is small, so you have to clean, dump the dust continuously.

The vacuum time is low because the battery can only use about 20-30 minutes, the machine heats quickly. Not suitable for large spaces that need long cleaning, a lot of dirt.

In the market there are many types of handheld vacuum cleaners, you must be a smart consumer to choose the right type of branded brand.

2.3. The note when buying handheld vacuum cleaners

Identify the need to buy a portable vacuum cleaner with the right capacity.

Check the product before buying about price, warranty, usage, accessories …

Avoid buying types of unknown origin.

Choose the right place to buy reliable products to enjoy attractive policies


3. Buy A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Where Good, Genuine Quality Warranty

Choose a reputable, reliable address to buy handheld vacuum cleaners. In addition to the electronics stores, genuine appliances you can buy online at Ntdtt has a full range of items for you to compare. Preferential policies, warranties, attractive advice for customers.

Can see the size, comfort, flexibility, fast, portable vacuum cleaner is a powerful assistant to help you more comfortable when doing housework. Therefore, you should consider whether to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner, surely you will feel comfortable and more convenient to have this tool.