Best whitening cream for face and body 2020

Owning bright, smooth white skin is the wish of many women. However, not everyone is born with beautiful skin. Therefore, they are always looking for ways to improve this situation. Using a whitening body cream is a simple solution that brings quick effects.

However, there are countless products from different brands on the market. Besides, each product has a diverse price. So which body lotion is best and most suitable for you.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most sought after products in the article below to make it easier to choose. Today AllReviews4U invite you to refer to this article together!

Possessing bright, smooth white skin that attracts all eyes

Choose a suitable whitening cream to ensure it does not hurt the skin

Choose A Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a very difficult skin and is prone to irritation. Therefore, choosing cosmetics is also quite difficult. For those with sensitive skin, which whitening cream should I choose? Naturally-made products that contain no alcohol or fragrance ingredients will limit skin irritation. Besides, you should use lotion products with a light texture to avoid damaging the skin.

Choose A Moisturizer For Combination Skin

Combination skin is a skin that possesses many different properties. If you choose the right white cream will be very easy to make the skin worse. Those with combination skin should choose products containing Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Elastin. These ingredients will keep the skin in its most balanced state.

Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair

Vaseline is a famous brand that specializes in providing body lotion today. Its products are sold at affordable prices suitable for a variety of users. Therefore, this product is still being sought by many women.

The structure is light and thin, so it penetrates quickly

Nivea Extra White Firming Body LotionNivea is a famous cosmetic brand with many product lines such as white cream, sunscreen, cleanser, deodorant roller and especially body whitening cream. The company was launched in 1911. Up to now, the company has a strong foothold in the user thanks to its quality, safe products, and affordable prices.

Affordable price should be selected by many women


Nivea extra white firming body lotion is one of the products that many women look forward to today. With the ingredient of vitamin C extracted from nature, it brings superior usage. Besides, the product also contains many other nutrients that are beneficial to the skin.

This cream has the effect of helping bright white, smooth from deep inside. Moreover, vitamin C ingredients from natural ingredients also work to combat skin aging, increase collagen production to maintain elasticity, firmness.

Besides, this product also has a light texture. Therefore, when applied to the skin, it is easily absorbed into the deep inside. In particular, Nivea extra white firming body lotion does not contain colorants so it is quite safe for users.


Besides the outstanding advantages, this product also has disadvantages that are capable of causing dry skin. Therefore, when using you should pay close attention to the skin that is always smooth and fresh.

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Sakura Skin Whitening Body Cream

Sakura Skin Whitening Body Cream is the product that you rank in the top favorite body whitening cream. The product is appreciated by many women in different countries for its effectiveness.

Products are well appreciated in many countries around the world


  • The combination of nutrients like Tranexamic acid, Niacinamide, arbutin has brought effective whitening products after only 3 weeks of use.
  • Soft, light cream texture penetrates deep inside without causing greasy consistency.
  • It is extracted from safe materials so it is suitable for all skin types.


Sakura Skin Whitening Body Cream is a product from Japan. Currently, it is sold at a relatively high price. That is why when using many people still have to consider carefully.

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Tonymoly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream

Tonymoly is a brand specializing in skincare products from Korea. This brand attracts users thanks to its impressively designed and attractive packaging. Moreover, the product also possesses outstanding advantages. That is why this white body cream is so popular with many girls.

The packaging design is quite impressive and attractive


  • Whitening nourishing ingredients such as niacinamide provide great results. Besides, nutrients extracted from bamboo help increase moisture to the skin.
  • Tonymoly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream also works to darken dark spots, reduce redness, and help tone skin tone.
  • The product does not contain toxic chemicals, so it is quite safe for the skin.


  • The product is manufactured in the form of fairly thick cream. Therefore, when using you need to wait quite a long time for nutrients to penetrate deep inside.
  • This cream is not suitable for girls with oily or sensitive skin.

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Snow White Milky Pack

Body whitening cream good body? This is the question of many women today. Snow White Milky Pack is a product that many people choose and evaluate positively in terms of quality. This cream is a product capable of lifting tones, even skin color extremely effective.

Products capable of evening skin tone, lifting extremely effective tones


  • Ingredients such as niacinamide and glutathione have a very effective whitening effect. According to some documents, these nutrients do not bring side effects. Therefore, it is quite safe for users.
  • The product has an extremely good ability to retain moisture for the skin thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid.
  • Snow White Milky Pack has a suitable cream form for those with dry skin.
  • In addition to the whitening effect, the product also has the ability to improve pigmentation marks effectively.


  • This cream does not contain sunscreen. Thus, when using this cream, you need to apply additional sunscreen ingredients.
  • The cream is quite thick, so it takes a long time to penetrate through the skin.

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