How to Find Best AliExpress Stores 2020?

With millions of sellers mainly from within China, with vibrant products, meager prices, but in terms of quality, you need to consider a reputable seller or not.

AliExpress doesn’t want shoddy sellers on its platform, but with so many sellers, it cannot be controlled. Fortunately, they provide us with several tools as well as parameters to help assess sellers.

To find a reputable seller, we need to understand some things clearly before starting, because finding a reliable seller means that you will buy the right product for use or buy quantities for your business.

How does a Good AliExpress stores – A best aliexpress vendors?

  • Accurately describe the product in their ad, providing all the information you need to know what you’re buying.
  • Provide the information you need to feel safe before buying and address all your doubts.
  • Meet the deadline to prepare the order.
  • Make the shipment correct (that is, do not let an error occur in the product sent and send it according to the shipping method it says in the ad).
  • And if there is any problem with your order (it does not reach you, it is not the same as in advertising) to help you solve the problem by reaching an agreement with you.

AliExpress is a middleman in your trade when you have not received the product, the seller has not received your money, but if you buy products from reputable sellers, you’ll need to return it … this takes a lot of your time because the shipping process can take weeks … time is synonymous with costly or affecting your business.

Therefore choosing a costly supplier is essential.

Not really long-time sellers are reputable sellers, but time is also a factor to consider, many new sellers but they do very carefully, reasonable prices because they are looking to build Branding, this is an excellent opportunity if you find them.

A good brand is usually a good store and a good seller:

(you don’t care about price but only quality):

Why do we say that often a good seller, because there are people who take advantage of the default we think of having a brand is selling right products, prestige, many people profiteering, they make a logo, Create a brand within months of poor quality sales? Then remove that brand and build another brand … But this number is not much.

A long-term brand is a reputable seller; they will not be foolish to build a brand for many years but sell poor quality, so most brands from 5 years you ultimately assured. But the price will not be competitive.

How to find a reputable brand:

Method 1:

You go to AliExpress page and type the brand name if you remember, immediately the website will suggest you the brand’s address right away.

Or you can go to find some brands here, but not complete:

Method 2:

Your search for brand names on Google with the keyword:

  • Brand name + Aliexpress
  • Brand name + Aliexpress Shop
  • Brand name + Aliexpress Store
  • Brand name + Aliexpress Brand

Often the search results are quite right. Google is brilliant!

How do you find a good seller on AliExpress that is cheap?

 (you need relatively quality products, the price must be affordable to serve your work):

To find a good seller on AliExpress the first thing besides a long-time brand, the next thing you need to consider is the positive feedback rate of customers who have purchased at the shop. You should put your trust in shops that sell 90% or more of positives.

Three main factors slowly evaluate this ratio:

  • Evaluate the description of the product properly, how the product describes such, do not overstate or exaggerate the benefits that the product does not meet.
  • Evaluate customer support when there are questions or problems with the product or purchase process.
  • Evaluation of the speed of transport of goods also known as the time of shipment to the customer when the customer orders.

Does time tell a reputable seller?

Time can also be considered as a factor to evaluate the reputation of the seller, we also think:

If a reputable seller can survive on AliExpress trading platform?

 Not, this exchange will not let the less reputable seller exist for a long time, will affect their brand.

However, the sales time of the shop is only a small factor to base, and you put the customer feedback rate first to choose a suitable price product.

Is the number of products also sold a consideration?

Usually, good restaurants will be crowded, don’t you think that often when you go out to an unfamiliar place, you will tend to go to a crowded restaurant rather than a crowded one.

In choosing a seller, this is also quite true, reputable vendors often sell more products, and it is also great if you combine favorable feedback rates, with many rate orders. You have to recover well … you’ve just found a reputable seller.

Here are suggestions for a list of newly updated reputable sellers:

(Normally, our team will refresh every three months because the reputation of the seller is changed, not fixed, there will be new names, and some will be removed from the list.

Hair Stores Aliexpress

[table id=2 responsive=mode /]

Clothing for men, women and children


Telephone / Mobile Phones

Shoes and bags

Jewellery, sunglasses, watches and other accessories




Things to keep in mind when choosing a seller in AliExpress:

With this list, you will find highly reputable AliExpress stores that sell very cheap branded products and at competitive prices. However, you must always remember:

The reputation of the seller changes over time, continuously checking it before making a purchase. If you find that the status of a seller of this board has changed a lot, please let us know in the comments, and we will update it.

Just because a seller has a good reputation doesn’t mean you have to stop reviewing product reviews. As we always say, it is essential to do a little research on the seller before buying (regardless of the reputation they have and make sure they consider a reliable seller, according to AliExpress).

If you have any questions about a product, shipping policy, size, etc., contact the seller directly to resolve them. The list we suggest is simply a guide to make your search easier.

Thank you for reading the article, if you find it useful, please share to help people shop for cheap quality products to serve your needs and business needs. Our team is continuously updating more and more helpful information!

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