How to Find Best AliExpress Brands 2020?

Not only is the United States and developed countries having manufacturing plants in China, even developing countries have many factories located in the world’s most populous country.

All products can be made in China, from sewing needles to aircraft carriers, we can see this is the world’s factory, and of course, with many products coming like then the quality is exceptionally diverse, from poor quality to medium and high quality.

High-quality products will meet more standards than low-quality products; usually, the right quality products are always branded. Like the world’s major brands are also produced in China such as Apple, fox com …

We are no stranger to world brands, but the Chinese brand with excellent product quality is a unique way for us to start our business, they have booths. on AliExpress

But with small everyday brands from this country, how do we find the best AliExpress brand. Here you will find it along with some suggestions for our reputable shops.

What is a good AliExpress brand?

  • Having the right product and regular positive feedback rate greater than 90%
  • There are stores on AliExpress and are usually available for you to choose
  • You can quickly contact the seller in the shortest time (less than 48 hours, including holidays).
  • Having good sales is also what we choose for reputable brands.

What is an original brand, selling genuine products?

  • The product has a brand name
  • The product has a brand logo attached on the product
  • The product is in a genuine stall
  • The product has high positive feedback and generally rated above 4.5 stars

What types of brands are there on AliExpress?

At the booth with millions of sellers throughout China, there are many types of brands, including the original brand with a famous name, a brand with a short name, copy, and genuine products. Brand available on AliExpress.

Types of Brands on AliExpress:

Famous Chinese brands:

Famous Chinese brands do not copy or hide their logos. In this category, you can find tech brands like Xiaomi or Huawei or watch brands like NAVIFORCE and Shark.

Chinese white brands:

This does not mean that they are inferior quality products; they do not use intermediaries to put logos on them and sell them for a higher price. In this catalog, you can find all kinds of fashion accessories, technology items, household appliances, etc.

Fake brand (copy) cheap:

AliExpress has many shops selling copies to famous brands. You don’t have to worry about confusing them, sellers offer these products to people who specifically search for duplicates, so they’re pretty clear about it. In any case, AliExpress is working hard to eliminate these types of products, so every day, there is less and less.

The original brand with a booth:

¬†AliExpress also offers a lot of random sellers’ innovative products. You can find products from brands like Nike or Converse. Depending on the brand, the price will be equal or much cheaper than you find in your country of origin (Converse products can be found much less expensive in AliExpress).

How to distinguish copy products and original products?

You can quickly tell the difference between genuine and replica products by price, for example, cheap fake shoes with the Nike brand name, a natural product cost several hundred dollars, but at AliExpress only a few dozen Usd, or an actual Gucci shoe costs thousands of dollars, but in AliExpress you see only a few dozen USD …

Fortunately, these products have been gradually replaced and removed from this e-commerce platform. Previously you could use symbols such as $, the letter G to determine if the product was original or not.

Existing products of copies with a lesser-known name will exist on AliExpress with most of the same details differing only in some insignificant minuscule details.

Sellers also follow many new rules on AliExpress to reduce counterfeit and pirated goods, only products that closely resemble another name; the supplier will clearly state these. They do not want to violate the requirements set by Aliexpress.

AliExpress Will Protect You if you buy fake products:

An authenticated seal of security means that AliExpress certified product is original. If there is any chance the seller will give you a counterfeit product, you will receive a full refund of your purchase. Moreover, there is an opportunity you might even get to keep fake products.

In any case, don’t worry about it, AliExpress is quite strict about rules and stores try to avoid being closed at all costs.

Finally, if you still have doubts about the authenticity of the product, contact the seller directly via chat.

Do you need a brand but a cheap product?

AliExpress has a section called Featured Brands, where you can find some incredible discounts.

They are usually Chinese brands, but we are also starting to see some random brands. Many brands are new, but quality and trustworthy products such as NAVIFORCE, very lovely, and quality watches. Below we have selected many similar brands for you to choose easier.

Some brands stand out on AliExperss in several primary areas:

Here are the top-ranked brands in the essential aspects of life you may want to look for, we usually update about every three months, because it is possible at this time the prestigious supplier, But there are some changes.

Wish you can buy quality and cheap products:

Above are some of the top favorite brands on AliExpress, we will regularly update good new brands, and less reputable brands will be removed from the list.

If you have reputable brands to recommend, please comment below, we will update shortly. Thank you for visiting, please help us share the article to help people buy better, find suitable products cheap.

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